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We offer a total of ten free chat rooms with no registration required over three main chat forums. Our free chat rooms hold up to 200 simultaneous chatters all of them offer full access with no registration needed. View current activity levels and see who is currently chatting in our no registration free chat rooms below. When you are ready to start chatting, simply choose a chat forum and enjoy! No registration is required to use our free chat rooms.

For those looking for adult conversation, we recommend Webcams - we do not allow sexual content or discussion anywhere on our website.

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Free chat rooms: Newcomers, International, Pub

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Free chat rooms: 20s & 30s Chat, Night Club, Quiz Room

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Free chat rooms: 40s Chat, 50+ Chat

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We have teamed up with WebCams for those looking for video based webcam chat. WebCams also allows sexual content (unlike us).