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    oh, God, this is horrible.

    Have you seen what he did to Janey’s face??

    He’s bloody sliced it off as though it were a potato, probably with a Stanley knife, and then he used a pair of pliars to pull her teeth out, leaving only one in her lower mouth.

    This is no joke! It’s genuinely shocking. Instead of that sad smile and caring face, she looks like a candidate for the Jeremy Kyle Show!!

    This is wrong, very wrong.

    What did she do, refuse to pay his fare on the Grimsby bus??

    And she still sticks up for him in her posts, attacking his enemies.

    Oh, this is so wrong.

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    Hey don’t knock him, it took him bare time to remove those teeth and it is 3.50 from Grimsby to North Lincolnshire!

    She goes in room 2 trolling with Mong now.

    They are now the ‘power couple’ of JC.

    He appears to have brought out her inner troll.

    I wonder how low she will go.

    She’s taken down the snapchat pic of herself which made her look like one of tigga’s mates.

    I miss that pic, where did Janey go?

    Will the real Janey please stand up?



    really disgusting.

    He dropped the Jeremy Kyle photo and has posted a new logo of Janey, this time a close-up of her chin immediately after the potato-peeler job.

    Sick, sick.


    never in a million years did janey type those replies


    Rather sad I must say this so called entertainment. Some really need a spanking and a wake up call I must say..



    Rather sad I must say this so called entertainment. Some really need a spanking and a wake up call I must say..

    Oh I do love a good spanking Linda off the man of my dreams♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


    Image result for picture of dubai spa pool

    Seen as all of you that don’t even know me are so concerned about ” MY ” safety and ” MY ” account, just to inform you, this is the new spa me and the man of my dreams are at this weekend and i am fine and safe. Many Thanks :heart:


    Sceppers is judge…all rise…..LMAO RATF…..order order i say….PML


    Dopey morg and his ugly gf have got the spa pics from a Bangkok website – scroll down for the pics lol… neither of them have two working braincells sadly


    منتجع أنانتارا فيلي Anantara Veli حيث الرمال البيضاء الناعمة مع المياه الفيروزية

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    So now they’re both happy in Bangkok. :yes:

    rudeboy is so cynical. I’m sure they wouldn’t be wasting their bloody time trying to ‘impress’ everybody by posting pics from a website and only pretending that they’re enjoying themselves in the lap of luxury.

    JC has brought so many wonderful couples together, and it’s great that Janey is now travelling all over the world with her Morg. :yes:   :yes:

    Some would see these pics as the height of tourist vulgarity and lack of taste, but that would be the height of cultural snobbery.

    What’s important is that our interesting couple have found happiness at last, and that make us all at jc very, very happy for them both. :yes:   :yes:   :yes:


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