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    I think the saying really goes paigey….people in glass houses shouldn’t get stoned……..LMAO


    Any way…wasn’t Shamima the rag doll in classic BBC kids show…Play School? LOL…..OK kids( must have been children as kids weren’t invented yet) LOL…….let’s look through the broken window….LOL







    the Bangladeshi government say she is not a Bangladeshi in any shape or form

    so Mr Javid has egg on his face

    like I said

    its not over untill the fat lady sings

    as you were the blood thirsty mob

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    There’s bloodlust all around.

    If that baby dies because he’s been kept illegally in a refugee camp for too long, then his blood will be on the head of Sajid Javid.

    The three girls were 15 when  they joined that death cult, and they were bright by all accounts. At 15, their hormones must have been racing around their bodies like racing cars on the Grand Prix, and their heads full of jolly robins. Most 15 year-olds are as daft as a brush, no matter what religion they have.

    Now one of them is dead, the other is probably alive but God knows where, and this one has lost two babies, and is desperate not to lose her third. She’s only 19, which means she’s late adolescent, proud, probably frightened for herself and her baby.

    She’s as British as you or I am, and she has every right to the protection of the British State. If she’s done anything wrong other than stupidly sail off at 15 to be a ‘Bride of Islam’, then she should and will be punished for it. The baby could well be separated from her, but at least he’ll live.

    Javid knows he’s not got a legal leg to stand on, but he’ll keep her and her baby in a Syrian refugee camp as long as he can.

    If the baby dies, there, then his blood is on Javid’s head. The only result will be to recruit more jihadis, just as the murder of 13 civilians in Derry 45 years ago served as a major recruiting sergeant for the IRA.

    We’re supposed to be better than that death cult.



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    UK law does not require that someone holds dual nationality to be denaturalised.

    This is a UN directive, which the British government seems to have decided that it doesn’t care about.


    I don’t like that denaturalisation is an executive power of the Home Secretary, this was a change that Blair made. However, Savid Javid’s decision is legal, regardless if Bangladesh claims her as a citizen or not.


    It’s not legal. It breaks international law.

    It’s not a directive at all, from the UN or anyone else. It’s a Declaration of Universal Human Rights to whihc the UK is a signatory. There are several such expressions of international law, which means internationally agreed law.

    We’re signed up to the Geneva Convention on the Rules of War,  as well. If we break those rules, we’re acting illegally, because it’s international law.


    and get to the root causes of what it is that leads some young Muslims to join horror shows like Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

    I found the cause

    That’s great.

    To me, this is a real problem in contemporary British society.

    What did you find?


    Do you actually know all the law Sceppers as you seem to say a lot about what is should be and will be?


    Was a joke nemesis

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