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    Not the same thing but our fav Indian Restaurant and take a way dont use beef of the menu.

    So what we do is buy the Madras sauce from them and put our own beef in it to get a beef madras.

    This also works with chicken.And if you but the curry sauce from you fav chinese it also lush but remember to put peas in the the chinese curry sauce :yes:

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    Hello Kay.

    I’m ok…ish. Most of mine are ok thanks. Hows you these days?

    Rock on less than three weeks…holiday!!, :yahoo:

    Im good thanks for asking…..where are you going for your holiops?

    Do you still hear from Pete? Can you give him a big smoochie smoochie from me please if you do ;-)

    Right back at ya x

    Hey!! Great to see you Pete….see…my irresistible smoochie smoochies always work :rose:

    You want more of the Bruce Willis story told kenters as only Pete can ;-)


    30 love Miss Sophia.



    Bit like spice then sophs 😂😂😂


    Gins a woman’s drink you raging mincer lmfao

    Is it weemorg?


    Had a great time Janey and it was the 1st time i have been to the races and not backed a winner.Said to the bookie i was betting with after the last race any chance i can have my £140.00 back? He said F.R.O.

    So said to him i will have it back with interest at the Welsh National meeting in Dec  :whistle:


    Nothing wrong with a good G&T Janey.Was on the blood orange gin with tonic in Chepstow yester after racing 😋


    Gives Soph a big hug.Im @ Chepstow on Saturday and likes the look of Highest Sun in the 14.25.

    And backed Reserve Tank at big prices for the JLT and RSA chase @ the chelt fest 2020 which runs at Chepstow @15.55.



    I know a bloke here Lins who has never smoked in his life but took up vaping when it came out.Now whats all that about?

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    Soph.Do you have a little wager most weekends?

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 1,495 total)