Why Just Chat?

Founded in 2000, Just Chat is one of the UK's largest independent online communities, enjoying prominent search engine rankings and loyal, engaged users. With over 300,000 monthly pageviews, Just Chat is often the primary destination for those looking for online chat rooms and an easy to use, professionally run online community.

Statistical highlights

* Over 300,000 pageviews per month
* Over 80% of visitors are from the United Kingdom
* 25% of visitors access Just Chat more than 25 times per month
* 51% of visitors have an annual household income of over £30,000

Visitors by gender

just chat gender demographics

Visitors by age

just chat age demographics

Advertising zones

Just Chat offers the following advertising zones:

just chat advertising zones

All ads are run of site with the exception of the home page, which carries no advertising.

Advertising rates

Ad zone 1: 728x90 leaderboard £1.75 CPM
Ad zone 2: 300x250 medium rectangle £1.60 CPM
Ad zone 3: 300x250 medium rectangle £1.50 CPM
Ad zone 4: 728x90 leaderboard £1.00 CPM

Please note that the minimum order for any ad purchase is 100,000 impressions.

Ad and destination requirements

We will not run an ad / link to a destination that:

* Is deceptive or unclear
* Mimics the design of Just Chat
* Appears to be more than one ad
* Strobes, flashes excessively, or auto-plays sound
* Expands beyond the frame of the chosen image size
* Contains nudity, illegal, inappropriate, or offensive content

If you are in any doubt as to whether your ad or destination is acceptable, please contact us and we will review them.

How to order

Payment is required in advance and all ads must be approved before they run. Please contact us and let us know which ad zone(s) you wish to purchase and we'll let you know how to proceed.

Custom sponsorship and advertising opportunities

We understand that at times you may have your own advertising or sponsorship requirements. We are open to hearing and discussing any custom ideas or suggestions you may have. Please contact us to discuss custom sponsorship opportunities.