Online safety is something we take seriously at Just Chat. However we cannot guarantee our site to be completely safe, or free from abuse.

Introduction To Just Chat

Just Chat aims to provide a place where all adults can communicate online without being constantly abused, threatened, intimidated or subjected to sexually explicit conversation.

Just Chat is not to be used by children. Our site is only for those over the age of 18 looking for a more pleasant community experience.

Basic Safety Advice

NEVER give out any personal information. This includes your address, telephone number etc.

Remember people online may not be who they say they are. Anyone with access to the Internet can use our site, regardless of any subject matter.

We always advise against meeting anyone you meet online in person.

Safety Features

To block all messages (public and private) from a specific chatter:

In chat forums one and two: Click on their name in the list of chatters on the left and click the 'Block' button.

In chat forum three: Click on their name from list of the chatters on the right and click the 'Ignore' button on the bottom left hand side of the main forum screen.

Chat forum three allows you to prevent all incoming private messages by default. Simply click on the 'Options' button once you have logged into the chat forum, and deselect the option marked 'Accept New Incoming Private Chats'.

Please be aware our Chat Guides cannot monitor private conversations - some chatters will use this to their advantage by trying to engage in offensive chat or otherwise breaking the site rules. Therefore we do recommend blocking private messages to help defend yourself against abuse and offensive behaviour.

Our chat forums contain a language filtering mechanism which prevents most obscene language. Some chatters however, will get around this by slightly misspelling some obscene words. This is very hard for us to combat.

If you are being abused, feel free to send a private message to one of our Chat Guides.

If you ever feel threatened, simply exit the chat forum - you are always the person in control. Please feel free to report any abuse to us via our contact form.

Posts made on our site are moderated at random. If you see any abusive posts, please contact us so we may investigate.


We cannot guarantee a Chat Guide will always be present in our chat forums and as such we do not consider Just Chat to be a moderated site.

Our team of Chat Guides cover the chat forums as often as possible to reduce abuse, threatening behaviour and explicit or other unwelcome conversation. The fact a Chat Guide is on duty does not mean the forum is guaranteed to be free from abuse.

Our Chat Guides are volunteers who undergo a lengthy training and supervision period after proving themselves as responsible users of our site. All Chat Guides work as a team, and only the very best applicants are accepted. We regularly monitor our Guides to ensure they are the right people for the role.

We randomly moderate content throughout Just Chat but cannot guarantee there will not be content that is in breach of our site rules. If you ever see abuse taking place on Just Chat, please contact us.

Moderator Feedback

Any feedback you may have about our Chat Guides can be sent to us through our contact form.


You need to register as a member of Just Chat in order to use our chat forums. More information is available in our privacy policy.

To use our message boards, we require a username and valid email address from you to help reduce abuse. Any additional information you give is entirely optional. All information received by us will be treated as declared in our privacy policy.


Before you log into our chat forums, you choose a username you wish to appear by.

When using our message boards you may complete an optional profile. This information is visible to all other users so you should be careful not to reveal sensitive or personal information.

We always recommend you NEVER give out personal information to people you meet online.

Reporting Problems & How We Respond

Should you feel the need to report abuse or threatening behaviour to us, please contact us providing as much information as possible. Always ensure you include the following information:

  • The user name of the person you are reporting
  • The location where the incident occurred
  • The date and time of the incident

Wherever possible, please copy any chat forum abuse into your email. This can be done by highlighting the text you wish to copy from the chat forum, then holding the 'Ctrl' or 'Control' button on your keyboard. Whilst holding this button, press the letter 'C' on your keyboard.

To paste the text into the email, place the cursor where you want the text to be copied, and whilst holding the 'Ctrl' or 'Control' button again, press the letter 'V' to paste.

Please copy all the conversation, from the start to the end of the abuse.

When we receive your email, we will look into the incident - we may ban the user or report them to higher authorities if we feel such action is required.

Further General Advice

Whilst every care is taken by the owners and everyone connected to the site, we cannot monitor what everyone does or says all the time. Whilst we take all precautions in ensuring this site is as safe as possible, we cannot be held responsible for any consequences of your use of our services. Please see our disclaimer for more information.