Before contacting us, please check the help topics below:

Click here for help accessing chat forums one and two.

If you can’t connect to chat forums one or two:

Make sure you are running the newest version of your browser. Older browsers may not be able to run the chat forum software.

You may be behind a firewall that’s interfering with your access to the chat forums.

JavaScript may not be enabled for your browser. Check your browser’s options and make sure JavaScript is enabled (the way to do this varies from browser to browser).

Click here for help accessing chat forum three.

If you can’t connect to chat forum three:

Make sure you have installed Java (and have given permission for it to run on Just Chat).

The newest versions of the Google Chrome browser do not allow Java applets to run, and they limit the use of Flash. If you are using Google Chrome, you may wish to try an alternative browser such as Firefox.

If you are using a mobile phone, tablet or other mobile device you will not be able to access chat forum three unless you are a VIP member.

New to online chat? Click here for online chat tips and advice.

Check out the dedicated page on Just Chat for our roundup of chat tips.

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