How to identify genuine staff members

Genuine staff members will appear in green with a star alongside their chat name.

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The following is a list of all current Just Chat staff members. Any user not on this list is not a genuine member of Just Chat staff.


We cannot guarantee a Chat Guide will always be present in our chat forums and as such we do not consider Just Chat to be a moderated site.

Our team of Chat Guides cover the chat forums as often as possible to reduce abuse, threatening behaviour and explicit or other unwelcome conversation. The fact a Chat Guide is on duty does not mean the forum is guaranteed to be free from abuse.

Our Chat Guides are volunteers who undergo a lengthy training and supervision period after proving themselves as responsible users of our site. All Chat Guides work as a team, and only the very best applicants are accepted. We regularly monitor our Guides to ensure they are the right people for the role.

About our Chat Guides and Forum Hosts

When Just Chat launched in 2000, we were simply a site composed of links to other sites where registration was not required before users could access chat rooms.

Within a year we began to establish our own chat rooms on the site however, we wanted to make Just Chat different. Whilst our commitment to providing chat without the need to register is still evident, right from the beginning we wanted to create a chat site where people could come to chat without having to expect abuse from a minority focused on spoiling the chat experience for others.

We were fed up with finding chat sites we enjoyed using becoming "no go" areas due to a small minority of users stirring trouble and creating an abusive atmosphere. This, coupled with our concerns over children using such sites prompted us to make Just Chat different.

When we launched, chat rooms were not the subject of the heightened media scrutiny they are today. We simply wanted to make visiting chat rooms a more pleasant experience so we decided to recruit voluntary Chat Guides to make Just Chat different from other sites.

After a period of two years we decided to make the site only for those over the age of 18. Whilst chat rooms are a great thing, too many parents are willing to allow their children to use the Internet without supervision. As a chat site, we could not guarantee that underaged users would be protected from abuse or inappropriate language so we now clearly state the site is for adults only. There are chat sites dedicated to children, with permanent moderation and strong safety precautions which will always be preferable for children to use compared to general chat sites.

In 2019 we made the decision to make our chat forums accessible only to registered members in order to reduce abusive or offensive behaviour and content.

Our Chat Guides are not there to 'police' the chat forums. Whilst they do enforce our site rules, they are there as a visible notice to others that we care about our chat forums and want to make them a friendly place to be. Our Chat Guides are there to help chatters whether they be new visitors overwhelmed with the experience of online chat, or experienced chatters looking for advice on how to reduce chat abuse and increase chat safety. They are also a visible deterrent for chat abusers and prove that we will not tolerate abuse at Just Chat.

Our Chat Guides work very hard, and on a voluntary basis only. We recognise them as a fantastic asset to the site and are confident that regular users of the site agree. We would not like to imagine what our chat forums would be like if we did not have our Chat Guides on board. They have a fantastic team spirit and are always there to help should you need it. We take this opportunity to thank them again.

Our Forum Hosts are selected from our more experienced Guides and are there to provide the staffing team with help, advice and support on a daily basis. Apart from this distinction, their primary role is to assist the users of Just Chat.

If you would like to join our team, please read the application page.