We always welcome applications from responsible chatters who wish to join our team of Chat Guides.

Chat Guides have the power to enforce the site rules - this includes having the authority to eject users who are disrupting the rooms. Please bear in mind that being a Guide is hard work and requires a large amount of commitment. Only apply if you have what it takes and will stick with it. Very often you will find yourself the brunt of abuse and name calling however in return you will only ever be 100% professional and calm. If you feel your heart race when you see abuse - this is not the position for you.

The majority of successful applications are from long standing regulars of the chat forums. If this is you, remember that you are required to be independent and impartial at all times - friendships will not and must not interfere with your perceptions of abuse or what is and is not acceptable behaviour. You must be extremely mature, calm and professional at all times. The ability to maintain trust and confidentiality is essential.

It may not sound as though we are "selling" the position very well here. We are simply making you aware that being a Chat Guide is often very difficult and is always hard work. Think long and hard as to whether you have what it takes, before you apply.

Chat Guides are appointed on a voluntary basis only. There is no payment for being a Chat Guide, yet you will be expected to work hard and commit to the role.

We will only ever consider taking on the very best people so be sure to do all you can to impress us in your application. Do not apply for the sake of it - think long and hard before applying and bear in mind we reject over 95% of all applicants.

Our Chat Guides must be able to commit to two days per week, including at least two hours in the chat rooms for each nominated day. You are obviously free to pop in at any other times in addition to your scheduled shifts.

Please note, you must be over 18 to be considered as a Chat Guide.

Being a Just Chat Guide is not for everybody - it takes a special sort of person with the right qualities to succeed. We select our Chat Guides with great care, offer them a full initial and ongoing training.

We would love to hear from you if you have the qualities we are looking for and would like to make a real contribution to the site.

Click here to apply. You confirm you are over 18 and understand this is a voluntary position.