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    Congratulations to DOA for single-handedly dragging England through to the Euro final on Sunday and I look forward to your detailed summary sometime soon in the near future.

    DOA we salute you Sir and if you are not knighted in the next honours list it will be an absolute travesty.


    Come on Engerland!!

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    WOW!!!!! DOA didn’t know you had such talent.




    This wasn’t me  :cry:

    It was Claire 05 !!!!

    Last night she was going on about how “great” Italy were in forum 1. Then this wicked person with no sense of shame told me Denmark  would kick England’s azz  :-(

    I told her to put her azz on the line or shut up and admit I was an 11 in bed and England would beat Denmark and make it to Sun’s final  B-)

    So we had a bet  ;-)

    If England lost… I would post a picture of my perky perfect bum on the boards.

    If Denmark lost… she would put up a picture of her flabby old spotty slaggy hairy azz on the boards.

    Well Claire they LOST  :yahoo:

    Now get out your phone, take a picture and post it  B-)

    Or are you chicken  :whistle:



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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