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    Image result for most romantic log fire pics in restaurants

    This is the lovely place where he has brought me for breakfast Mmm Love You Sweetheart x

    Most Romantic Hotel #Fireplaces: Salish Lodge, WA

    Then me and the man of my dreams will be spending the rest of the day here :rose:

    Feel Free To Tell Us What Your Loved Ones Have Arranged For Your Fine Selves :heart:


    I mean…..well….what can we say…..

    its absolutely fabulous you took time out of your loved up schedule to keep us posted…I feel so much better for knowing you feel the need to let us know here in JC

    one big happy family ….that’s what we are….

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    Lot of glasses on the table there for 2 innit? LMAO RATF PML

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    Yes I personally am totally impressed.

    Its only half eleven and I must tell you my plans for me and my Mrs!!  So happy we are sharing like this.

    Firstly I woke her up at 6am with the biggest surprise of her life!!  And I’m not talking about under the sheets either!!  ooo No don’t stop that. (Frankie Howerd moment!!)

    Half hour later it was up in the air with us, glass of champagne and a tandem skyride and parachute dive.  It was a thrilling experience and what my Mrs always wanted, or so I thought, turns out she wanted a muff dive not a sky dive.  Oh how we laughed!!

    Here is us:


    Then we decided to have an early brunch picnic in Paris.  Amazing how quickly you can get to places nowadays!  I hired a private jet – nothings too expensive for my lady!  Sorry this next pic is a bit out of focus – the frenchman we asked to take the picture was holding 2 large french baguettes three bottles of red wine, a large tube of lube and had garlic around his neck so he struggled to take the pic.  He waffled on in french about not wanting to pay for plastic bags, my Mrs was able to pick out words, she’s very clever my Mrs I am very lucky to have her *swoons*.



    Now we are just waiting for the jet to fuel up so we can move on to our next valentines extravaganza!!!!

    Update on our love fest!

    A luxury mini break to Dubai!!!!  The wifey said ‘isn’t that a bit far to travel?’ I said ‘no you silly duck its only up the road’ – In fact we are already here and its not even 12pm UK time!!


    She worried about the cost but I says to her ‘I shall just have to double up on me paper round’

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!!


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    Roses are red violets are blue…..if you want to meet a sexy snooker player just get in the que….LOl although ill give it my best you might be needing a longer rest……PML LMAO RATF

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    Fours chairs four glasses maybe q?



    A chair for each of Morgs bum cheeks? He must have three!

    And all the glasses bar one for his cider.  Drinking his cider out of a pint glass wouldn’t look so classy in this gaff.

    Got to keep up appearances.


    Boston is a long way to go for breakfast? i would have thought a McDonalds sausage and egg muffin more to your taste buds . :)


    Dunno why he carys on like that.Looks like just to make a fool of janey.Check me out of got janeys account.Dunno why anyone should answer him.

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