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    Hee  haaa. Well to be honest curiosity killed this cat, just had to…had tooooooo, look. Of course not able to restrain myself here in responding as usual to a board topic, oh well… lol…cheers!


    Hello Jen Jen. Not familiar with u but howdy..came to this chat site umm little over a year, not by much…so welcome or welcome back… again….

    I am American from New York not from any other country as some will try to tell u….yes, Italian last name.  Not Spanish or Puertican. Umm let see, am a female. Use only one others or numbers. I float or window shop I call it to all rooms. I enjoy many here and have grown fond of many. Few well such is life.


    So since I last to post. Yippy…Oh wait, left room for more responses. X see I share…




    You ever been to Madison Square Gardens linda?


    I can bide my time B-)

    Hi Jen.

    long time no chat.

    Hope you remember me?



    Yes been to Madison square garden several times. Concerts.  Once for wrestling..  Randy man  savage, the hulk. Lol. Sad Randy died few years back. He too funny.


    Oops. Me last here..ahh see scep popped in…


    Scep. U remember me?

    Think responded to post several weeks ago…here…

    Hope u well…



    Hey sceppers! i dont recognize you with that sun tan…lol…..


    Hulk Hogan is a real legend…in my opinion…very funny guy and great entertainer……and to be honest..even if he wasn’t,i wouldn’t tell him to his face…LMAO


    Yeah, of course I remember you, Linda.

    I hope you’re well too x

    I’m fine after a weekend in the Lakes driving over dangerous passes, not much of a suntan, q.



    What lakes is that sceppers? Doesn’t sound like the Lake district……LMAO


    hope it went well scep in any event. Nice to get away little here and there. Even just to reboot and re fresh. Heee.


    Be well friend. X

Viewing 10 posts - 1,751 through 1,760 (of 1,784 total)

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