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    ❤ janeylou loves morg ❤


    ❤ doa loves blueyedboy ❤


    ❤ dyemystalker loves merlin ❤


    ❤ kenty loves thin mmm ice ❤


    ❤ king of mice loves cyber rat ❤


    ❤ mags loves aameliaa ❤


    ❤ laura77 loves third echelon ❤


    ❤ somer 1 loves ge ❤


    ❤ Philo loves Steve ❤


    ❤ tracy loves tree ❤


    ❤ callmepuds loves sassey ❤


    ❤ linda loves milky ❤


    ❤ strongbow loves mizzy ❤


    ❤ alfie loves born ❤


    ❤ I love tasha ❤



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    whoopsie nearly forgot.

    ❤ rudeboy loves wannabe ❤

    speak soon my lovelies💋

    Off to McDonalds 🍿🍔


    ❤ cosy loves mademoiselle ❤


    ❤ morg loves weemo ❤


    ❤ paprika loves divine ❤



    Oh n my McDonalds was delicious



    Love is a promise

    Love is a souviner

    Once givin never forgotten

    Never let it disappear

    Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get.

    Only with what you are expecting to give.

    Which is everything💋

    Love loves to love love  :heart:

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    With all this love in thee air I’m so proud to announce alfie the charlatan has finally went down on one knee n popped the question to his stunning bride to be.

    Needless to say she accepted with open arms❣💏

    Burcot grange and the lodge hotel.

    Born will be picked up on a beautiful horse n cart to take her along to the registry office.

    alfie will be getting a star car with his favourite vinyl flashback tunes pumping out the 6 watt sub woofer in the boot.

    Once there reverent mags will be conducting the ceremony.

    Then everyone ( all of justchat ) will be meeting up at precisely 11am for a 3 star dining extravaganza at Enfield football club in a vip box.

    Starter……..Magic Mushroom soup of the day.

    Main course……..Love dove n pheasant along with buttered green beans with mashed Swede.

    Desert……..Snowcone sorbet.

    Final course……..White widow muffins joined with purple haze tea cakes coffee or tea n bourbons.

    Then alfie will be making a star appearance showing off to his bride.  With his favourite Stanley matthews footy boots on doing keep ups on the centre spot.

    Then everyone will be jumping on the extra special disco bus taking them to the semi pro leyton orient working mens club :good:

    Waltzing the night away to a once on a lifetime appearance from steptoe n the pacemakers jazzed up band.

    Packets of walkers crisps for everyone :yes:

    Before the honeymoon takes place in forum 1 after they’ve had a few liveners dancing the next 72 or hours away.

    Congratulations to the most perfectly suited couple ever imaginable :bye:


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    Well I am humble I was mentioned and coupled with right person.


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    ❤ Nicky  sturgeon loves Nigel Farage ❤


    i love myself  🎈❣💋🙄

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    should i say i love someone  special 💋❣💃🕺

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    nah i don’t think i should  :bye:

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    Thanks, it is good to be updated. Am I the only Tasha on JustChat? Why would you love me? Anyway, whoever you are, I love your writing. I would love to see and hear more. Thanks for that too.

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