• 330 I felt so much love for you.
    My email is [email protected] if you to reach out to me. I am no longer getting on here anymore. Take care! Best wishes!

  • That was very beautiful to read and hear. Tonight is my last night on here. Thank you for your kind words. Also everyone for the chats and love showered upon me. I hope I gave you guys a wonderful amount of love, hope, and happiness.

    It’s been lovely, but that’s the problem. It’s been too lonely and I have loved.

    330 I love you and I thought we…[Read more]

  • That is me! I told you it wasn’t from someone on here. It was someone I have been super close to. So be compassionate and know that why are just anyone to me.

  • typicallytasha posted an update 1 month ago

    Reading takes you to a different place. Where words become more than just a story. They become alive!

  • It feels horrible feeling dumb, but it feels great getting smarter.

  • I am a goldfish
    stuck in this small dish
    wondering if there is more to life then just this.

    Being a goldfish
    I want to make a wish
    To have something that I can cherish

  • Boundaries

    Do you not know them?
    Do you not understand?
    Just because you want to touch a woman, it doesn’t mean you can.


    You only ignored them!
    You me be feel unsafe!
    But you kept pushing yourself on me, hoping that I would give in


    I have them
    I have to keep me safe
    They are something I have for myself until I take them…[Read more]

  • Hugs

    They use to make me so happy.
    And I Ioved giving them out freely.
    But it only opened up doors to my vulnerability.
    So now I give them out cautiously.
    For they no longer give me a sense of security.

  • Forgetful

    I am very forgetful.
    Please don’t be judgmental.
    See me for my potential.
    I don’t make me feel dreadful.
    Life is already stressful.
    I am trying to be successful.

  • The Giant Salami

    THE BOAT WAS BEGINNING TO SINK AND HE REALIZED HE PROBABLY SHOULD BROUGHT THE PADDLE INSTEAD OF A GIANT SALAMI. He had to act fast. So he grabs the giant salami and starts paddling with it. When he makes it safely to land, he thanks the salami for saving his life. Then he eats it in celebration for making a good decision. It…[Read more]

  • Fantasy

    I am sorry for making up a fantasy.
    Instead of seeing through the lens of reality.
    I made up a story falsely.
    Instead of letting this happen genuinely.
    I stripped the ability for it naturally.
    Instead I made it unhealthy.
    I hope you can forgive me.
    I am sorry for make up a fantasy.

  • Don’t Touch Me

    I told you not to touch me.
    But you didn’t take me seriously.
    You only saw what you wanted to see.
    And that was that you wanted to f*** me
    I don’t do sexual things with people carelessly.
    I do it with people I am involved with romantically.
    But you continued to do it disrespectfully.
    You made me feel less of a lady.
    You made me…[Read more]

  • typicallytasha posted a new activity comment 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    This was a little writing exercise I was given. The first sentence was what I had to start with and then create a story on it.

  • THE ALIENS REGRETTED ABDUCTING HER ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. Instead of being scared that she was abducted, she was happy. She wanted to be with them. She wanted to be one of them. She wanted it so bad that the aliens started to have concerns for her. She was losing sight of who she was and where she came from. When they abducted her they had the hopes…[Read more]

  • Humans are the fire of the Earth.

  • typicallytasha posted an update 2 months ago

    Life is just a setup for death.

  • If I was swimming in my thoughts of you, I would drown. 🤔💭🌊💀

  • This is too sweet. I don’t know why or how I deserve so much love. It’s very flattering. I appreciate it! I wish I could give half as much love to you (guys) as much that has been given to me. Love is a great thing and I love you are getting it too.  :bye:

  • I love it when we get to say hello
    I hate it when we have to say goodbye
    Though I barely know you it makes me want to cry
    You have given me so much love
    You are like an angel sent from above

  • I didn’t think you would get into my head so bad. I woke up and all wanted to do was talk you. What are you doing to me? You make me feel like you are filling my heart back up with love. I am thankful and it never wants to to be without again.

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