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    Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem is one of the most disastrous things that can be done in the Middle East.

    Rubbing Palestinian noses in it. A disgusting move.


    You seem to divided Americans up into real Americans who support Trump, and detractors of Trump – which may well be the majority. The people who hate Trump are ‘blinded’ by their hatred and Democrats who read the liberal MSM, which is a pathetic comment. I can say with equal justification that people who support trump are blinded by their support – and are all just America Firsters who watch Fox News. Says very little.

    He has blundered much and achieved very little, and that of a short-term, temporary nature, as all signs point to a recession., his main worry is whether that recession can be put off until after the election


    Pull your panties up you naughty boy :bye:  


    Pull your panties down you naughty boy and touch your toes :bye:

    What a mincer morg


    Pull your panties down you naughty boy and touch your toes :bye:

    What a mincer morg will you make love to me

    Not with a thousand rubbers you riddled tramp :good:  

    We all know what you are carrying :yahoo:  

    Your ex wives mrs mrs keeping ok is she ;-)  

    No wonder the lovely kay dumped you for breaking her marriage up and giving her you no what :bye:


    Is Kay still under the weather then?

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    Holy smoke I hope she’s not under a man imagine the heart ache it would cause their partners and their beloved families B-)  

    Here private message me n tell me what happened to your sister i’m a right nosey git :good:  

Viewing 6 posts - 251 through 256 (of 256 total)

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