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    It seems like yesterday some times when I think back..But landed at Heathrow Airport for my first time travel into the U.K. It was busy at 6 a.m. travel and going through lines in a big bunker where many Americans thought we were herding in like cattle into stalls. Oh lordy that was a bit crazy.

    My driver awaited me with the sign of my name. Now he was hot looking. As we drove off I recall looking to land on my left thinking I saw spotted cows white and black. Found out horses. Giggles. Going through areas saw many bikes and rental services. Very busy area but was getting a nice first tour till arrived at hotel.

    Had a fabulous first day never to forget and started my tour on was April 2nd then.

    I recall the many here at J.C who helped prior to my visit where I should visit. Visiting 4 Countries in 23 days much but memory for a life time. So thank you all for your contribution on my travel.

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    I am sweet. U make me sour B-)


    Hey Linda…how times fly huh

    The Americans who commented on being herded like cattle? Its exactly the same in America…..experienced it many times….at least our Immigration Officers smile and are polite….which is more than I can say for Homeland Security…..blink out of rhythm and they are likely to refuse you entry! Miserable fookers they are….

    Anyhooo…..are you due over soon?

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    :yahoo: :yahoo:   :yahoo:



    Too funny kenty. We call entry “like a can of sardines!” Yup our airports in City and Jersey as you know is the melting pot for the world..giggles.

    Yes soon.

    I am moving forward however as my purposes for U.k. knowledge has been successful with all in some form. Never used social media and J.c. was a LEARNING experience. First time newbie. So thanks to all.

    I will shout out from time to time.  Be safe, well and may each day bring you all peace and comfort in your own special ways. :rose:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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