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    but you must watch the video to the end, take in the words, and then you will know why i am the way i am.
    this to me is so profound it changed my perspective on life as a human being.

    this is why contrary to the belief of some im just a gentle caring human who loves to laugh


    I just think there’s not really any point


    bears are handy lads yeh,but I know bears have an Achilles heel,they have fears as well and what bears don’t like is people taller than them,so if you are ever camping in the woods and a bear is giving it the big I am,stand on a chair and shout come on lets have it out then
    and the bear will leg off.
    try it.


    you missed “have your” just before leg off


    missed what? I don’t miss anything,i hurled a cone on eves head smack bang on target lol,well that’s according to the 5o,ooo jc users who were standing on the bridge eating popcorn


    Said bear will HAVE YOUR leg off rather than leg off


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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