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    Theresa May has granted this boy a licence. The first in the UK.




    Theresa May has granted this boy a licence. The first in the UK.

    My neighbor is 86 i thought she was 87 but hey. her gp won’t prescribe a certain DRUG… “COS ITS ADDICTIVE” Carry on. x


    If she was a 4 year old epileptic having 100 seizures a week they would.



    Apparently, Tony Blair denied 112 (46 from children) similar applications.

    David Cameron denied 88 (36 from children) similar applications.

    Theresa May has denied 12 so far, but granted her very first application from a child.

    Well done Theresa May for being able to show compassion. We need more women in top positions me thinks.


    Problem is….who makes the Cannabis oil? After all……the Government……outlaw how will they in law it while still out – lawing it?………Drugs…Just Say Noooo No Just say no just say nooooo…LOL

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    Problem is

    There is no problem, Alfie now has his medicine, and his mother doesn’t have to break the law to provide him with it.

    Problem is….who makes the Cannabis oil?

    Mother nature 😊

    After all……the Government……outlaw it.

    Not for Alfie.

    Drugs…Just Say Noooo No

    Does that include, alcohol, nicotine, caffeiene, paracetemal, anti-biotics, novocaine (at the dentist) and many other drugs we all take to some extent?


    Btw, Love is A Drug 💗

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    If a car knocks you off your bike and tears your leg off, they rush you to the hospital screaming in pain like you’ve never experienced.

    Can I assume you’ll be saying NO to a nice shot of morphine?



    Don’t forget though, that the drug being tested/used on young Alfie is not the same drug that is sold on the streets by UK dealers. A super strength skunk that has increased concentrations of THC and according to some scientific studies is responsible for certain mental illness, or at least a trigger to those illnesses. This same super strength hybrid skunk has replaced more traditional forms of cannabis and is now dominant in the UK market.



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    I think you’ll find that ingesting Cannabis oil is much stronger than “smoking” skunk.

    Smoking is the mildest form of consumption. Ingestion is far stronger.

    Try smoking a cigarette, then try eating one. The latter will make you sick.

    Try smoking heroin, then ingesting some. 2 very different things altogher.


    Any opposition to Alfie having his medicine, suggests a preference to see the poor boy have up to 150 epileptic seizures a week.

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