who should be evicted from chat

Vote blue out

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    This site is not big enough for me and blue 1 has to leave cast your vote


    is this another poll with no end date or and time?

    like that other poll u are also doing  – (see attachment)

    also u have put (not me) in the other option, I have temp fixed it for u SOP  :good: – (see attachment)



    I fixed it as it seems biased to me…….


    Hardly biased if you want blue out vote Iif you don’t start your own poll


    Paigey you keep going on about Blue,Sure your marrying the right man?  :unsure:


    I did sort of suggest this my self to paigey somer……better cancel the wedding….LMAO send the pumpkins back…..LMAO….

    Ok here is a joke…

    Why did cinders get involved in womens football?…cause she kept being told she would go to the ball….LMAO RATF PML KHANI GONOW?….


    Why did the BBC stop recording Playschool after the Hand of God incident?……must have had some thing to do with Handball….LMAO RATF KMAG…….


    Hey paigey….ever heard the classic song by Bucks Fizz entitled….Making Your Mind Up?……LOLOLOLOL


    You should see this joke coming at you paigey………you’d better make your mind up before you might have a possible series of unfortunate events…..LMAO…..


    Although I have no beef with blueboy I love Paige to pieces shes very funny and witty and very misunderstood and she could be my daughter, beautiful and wonderful.

    So I am afraid I have to vote for Paige to never leave JC.

    A very talented lovely girl who turns heads everywhere she goes.

    It is just a real shame people take her so seriously and get so very jealous of the fact shes young vibrant interesting funny and a whole lot more entertaining that most of the women here.

    Love you Paige x keep being funny and witty and laugh at those who wont ever get you lol but I find you hilarious xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 13 total)

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