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    Dear reader,

    After much deliberation and research, I’ve concluded that there is only one reason why a person doesn’t  want to get vaccinated against CoVID-19 (unless there is an existing health reason).


    It’s because they are thick as sh it.


    I’ve seen a hundred reasons why they refuse to get vaccinated but the fact is that you can’t argue against selective ignorance. It doesn’t deserve sympathy either – hence this post.



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    I note 3 supporters of this post to date. Thank you.

    During a normal forum one chat session, one of my chat colleagues voiced their objection to my post. They have a right to do that of course but when I asked why they refused to be vaccinated, the reason given by the chatter was advice from ‘medical experts’. I enquired (several times) as to who these medical experts were and unfortunately no names were offered.

    The effect that conspiracy theorists, self-proclaimed medical experts and general do-badders (some of which are sadly in the medical field)  have on the wider population is extremely concerning but that is a bi-product of  society being more connected than ever before. Most peeps are able to see through the fog of doubt and  weigh the opposite risks but a significant minority are taken in by this propaganda and consequently the in-action of that minority impacts the majority. Perhaps the minority should be regarded as casualties of the situation instead of labeling them as ignorant. They would do well however to question the ‘medical advice’ that they are given by a cult who’s motives are totally anti-social.



    Our medical expert Dr. Fauci has changed his tune so many times, Americans are totally fed up with the “Expert” who changes his mind as I change my underware every day.

    He funded that lab in wuhan with American taxpayer dollars.

    Ummm anyone look up how they test the variant? They can’t (lol) too many strains..jabs taken were measures to help the initial virus.

    And did u know as mass productions produced the vaccines here in States our border crossings and those from Afghanistan before entry or on entry, not vaccinated so stated by the v.P of the United States of America. Woman supposedly in charge of Covid. Wtf that about?

    And these people are being shifted all over u.s.a.  not tested either most.


    AND this was not scientist final conclusion..due to new strains from different Countries. the theories applied initially have to be redrafted and reevaluated again, to prove theory and conclusive evidence. This takes time. Also the jabs provided were not federal approved for 20 years. Ever wonder why?

    And yes had both jabs myself

    Makes you think and wonder, no?


    I have just bought the new antivax which to  be honest has better suction than a hurricane


    My shark is better  :yahoo:



    Linda linda linda,

    I’m compelled to challenge your post which is as usual driven by the extreme right wing media that you love to immerse yourself in


    Point 1. Fauci DID change his mind about masks. He changed his mind ONCE, in the very early days of your pandemic when the scientific data then did not justify it and masks were needed for the front line workers. Linda, I hope you’ve changed your underwear more than once since March 2020….

    Point 2. Some U.S. taxpayers money DID go to the Wuhan lab and that’s what Murdoch and Right Wing Co. would want you to scream from the rooftops. Rand Paul is banging on the gain-of function drum as I’m sure you’re aware. But…..lets get a more balanced view of what actually happened shall we. Try this for starters:


    Point 3: Afghanistans not vaccinated? SO,,,let me understand this….? You’re more concerned about the few thousand Afghans (who probably WANT to get vaccinated) coming into the USA than you are of the 70 MILLION American adults who aren’t vaccinated????  Once again the Republican right wing media puts all your social problems on immigrants instead of blaming good ol’ home grown american patriots for the on-going pandemic most of which are REPUBLICANS.

    The Red/Blue Divide in COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

    Only in America, Linda would a country make  political issues out of wearing masks and taking a vaccine to stay alive….and the vulnerable people suck it all up. But I’m glad you got the jab x

    Freedom !!!!   and God Bless America



    Point 3: Afghanistans not vaccinated? SO,,,let me understand this….? You’re more concerned about the few thousand Afghans (who probably WANT to get vaccinated) coming into the USA than you are of the 70 MILLION American adults who aren’t vaccinated????

    Where is the clapping emoji?

    Linda I must say you play the immigration card a lot! You have expressed your bitterness about having the vaccine otherwise you would not be able to travel….I am guessing the numbers would be much higher in America of non vaccinated adults if it wasn’t for the travel implementations or certain employment sectors insisting on employees being vaccinated. My brothers office in California have been told they must all be vaccinated to return back to work,  he works in IT. I think quite honestly its the only way some dumb ass Americans will get the jab (my brother isn’t American btw and had it as soon as was possible)


    Kenty you shouldn’t dismiss Linda so lightly.  Its a culture thing not lack of intelligence. I’ve spoken to a few of the French community who return over the summer, they reflect Linda’s views on vaccination & immigration.

    While in the UK we have regular access to our politicians …….others do not.

    It seems to be the same faces for generation’s of voters in America unlike the UK where our system regularly removes them for the slight indiscretion.  Also the money involved in politics outside the UK is frightening.

    This leads to a lack of trust in government.

    So I do understand the reasoning behide “antivax” movements outside the UK.

    But in the UK there just a bunch of tvvats with nothing else to complain about and need a good kick in. There happy to shove down bucket of antibiotics for the sniffles but wont get a covid jab or wear a mask?

    I give up on these morons.




    A frightening number of  Americans are a product of the media that they take in and yes fishy, the media IS their culture. Ok, we all are to some extent but the USA takes the Gold Medal in the extremes of media one can choose from and it’s all about audience ratings and fuc king profit. If Murdoch FOX doesn’t say what the audience wants to hear then they flood to Newsmax or OAN and they’ll keep them happy. SO FOX has to be even more extreme to get the suckers back.

    Immigration is always the whipping boy for the far right. I mean, who else is there to blame ?

    Actually, I really feel sorry for Linda, having to fight to understand the actual truth day in and day out.

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