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    My friend’s mother in hospital right now. Forgot what had initially told to me, lost ability to eat. Found cancer as well few weeks back. Yes, painful heard.. had teeth and portion of jaw/gums removed this week. Feel for her, your partner…
    Then she got pneumonia, flat lined, brought back in ICU as I write now..critical/stable… just took out air breathing tube last night..

    Was also told myself that opthomologist also as well can tell if you have problems besides normal cataracts and such. Diabetes, cancer, etc…



    Serious please, understanding.

    My mom had CLL. 10 years..thin blood had to take blood thinners, treatments last year of life.. Always always cold. Myself would sweat so bad in 95 degree temperatures.. 2 sweaters, wool blankets.. my dad had diabetes last 5 of his. Injections. Cold all the time too.. 5 blankets in his chair and bed too. Hee hee..

    Be well..


    Dont go for bleeching – painful, temporary and tastes awful !

    Dentist told me that idiots use lemon juice/bleech etc which destroys the enamels

    I had 19 implants – best decision and no pain (well a couple of days i popped painkillers).


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    Wow. Individual when said 19? Heard the same.. not all same time right..? Reason told stay in place implants.. no shifting.., stationary.

    After removal of all teeth told 2 months, need to heal..accustomed, wait.. than do implants.

    Usual removals had sedative, awake.

    This one since many cracked, long roots, loose all, shifting hurt when talking, eating moving around some times, putting me to sleep. About 24 being removed all one time.

    Thanks for response…


    Are you a borg?😂


    Welcome to the hive mario…LOL

Viewing 6 posts - 11 through 16 (of 16 total)

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