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    ladyhm…Linda…Kent…somer…thanks so much for your replies.  So glad everyone is ok x

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    having mine next friday,eek :negative:

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    wife had slight headache for few days .I got headache. sore throat and chest pains for 2 days.3rd day was  feeling better and 4th day all back to normal. chest ( lungs?) pains were a bit worrying and wife and son wanted me to contact doctor but its ..its a man thing .you just don’t  :wacko:


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    Thanks H good buddy😁👍

    Glad to hear you and your family are all ok…..thanks for commenting on my post👍


    Hope you’re feeling better budha after having had your vaccine :good:

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    much better ladyhm x x thanks for asking…..i don’t know if Lindas chicken soup idea was a miracle cure….but my cough has eased and my temperature has returned to normal x

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    Even though my mama was Italian she always said the chicken soup and matzo ball soup the Jewish prepared had always been the best remedy what ailed you no matter what you had. Lol.

    And so true for years have used that remedy when had cold, Under weather. Sure gave me a boost. Still does.

    Be well


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    The chicken soup did not only help with my temperature Linda x……it also took the pain in my throat away from all the coughing x

    Thanks so much x


    I’ve had it. My arm ached for an hour the next day and I slept for 5 hours that day but other than that no effects.

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    Ld..glad ur lst mild. Several.. several.. people I know said the 2nd well not as nice as first. I will go with flow and just take it and bite it. Lol. Oh of all times my second scheduled on St. Patrick’s Day. Wish me the luck.  Giggles… :good:


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Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 37 total)

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