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    Gucci – Oh Moi you are soooooo funny!!!

    344 – Urm Moi has not said anything yet?

    Gucci – Oh I just know when you do type something it will be so funny!!!

    344 – Moi daddy has chips for tea.

    Gucci – LOL see see I said you were going to be funny!!!

    344 – Moi used sunflower oil and seasoned with salt.

    Gucci – Oh you just kill me sometimes, could you even be more funny??

    344 – Daddy said the dinners in the dog, im wearing pink panties girlies

    Gucci – Oh, again?

    344 – Daddy wont give me a fiver for ice cream

    Gucci – Oh no are you ok?

    344 – Moi’s cat is acting strangely

    Gucci – Oh I can’t laugh more than I already am, I am crying with laughter

    344 – Moi’s cats asking daddy for a Dr

    Gucci – LOL you are so funny

    344 – Moi’s cats looking strange

    Gucci – Oh do stop my sides are splitting

    344 – No, Moi’s cats actually keeled over, help daddy help!

    Gucci – Oh LOL you are hilarious!

    344 – No, Moi’s cats foaming at the mouth and on the carpet!

    Gucci – LOL You just make me laugh!

    344 – No, Moi’s cats bleeding from every orifice HELP!

    Gucci – Oh Moi I love it when you’re in this mood!


    Gucci – LOL

    344 – wow daddys cats all dead, pussy no more!

    Gucci – I love you moi you are so funny

    344 – No I’m serious my fcking cats just died in front of me

    Gucci – Oh Moi I just cant stop laughing youre so funny!

    (at this point 344 gets a large gun out and shoots Gucci, Gucci lies on the carpet laughing)

    Gucci – Oh you’ve shot me?  Oh I’m in agony, you’re so funny LOL

    344 (mutters) I give up.

    344- Daddys off to the pub

    Gucci lies in a puddle of blood manages to push out a few words before she passes out

    Gucci – Oh you’re so funny Moi

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    That’s bloody funny hahahaha.


    I love it xx



    It’s shit, she is running out of people to bully so resorts to Gucci and Moi.





    Oh behave it’s not bullying, it’s light hearted banter at best. There’s nothing there that’s nasty, I’m sure Gucci and Moi will see the funny side.




    Yes, I am sure Moi will be rolling over with laughter and as for behave, are you being serious, when you and your partner were last “parodied” on the boards it almost led to bloodshed. No sense of humour when it’s personal… Like most on here.








    Gucci and moi have the most amazing friendship that i dont see others have in jc

    It was a joke

    No malice involved.

    They have a bond.

    I think they will laugh and see its not mean or nasty.

    I didnt mean it that way.

    i respect your take on it though

    sorry to gucci and moi

    no offence

    i will ignore the ‘bully’ remark.





    Please don’t ignore the bully remark because you are one, as your latest episode demonstrates.





    Please don’t ignore the bully remark because you are one, as your latest episode demonstrates.




    you win


    I don’t believe anyone has made a parody of riot and I, but please feel free to have a go. As long as it’s light hearted and fun I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. I’m sure you’re not the type of person to be nasty and make it very personal, appearance etc. So give a go Ge. You might even be funny??





    Rach (or Riot) why would I want to parody a figment of your  own imagination, an imaginary “house husband” called “Riot”,  except with “rules”. Just because I thought a plagiarized”parody” of Gucci and Moi was shit?

    Taking the piss out of Riots “punk” appearance and your drawn on eyebrows would be fair game, surely.

    It’s not all about you Rach/Riot…








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