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    An amazing woman, a mother of two children by the age of 15, whose voice carried her to the title of Queen of Soul.


    She grew to maturity at a particular time in history, and from Martin Luther King to Barack Obama, her voice resonated for African-Americans and way, way beyond.

    Great songs like Respect and Natural Born Woman.

    I like this Soul version of Spanish Harlem




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    The moment I wake up.. before I put on my make up..

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    One of my mum’s favorite songs by her

    RIP Aretha

    She even sang with Annie Lennox i believe Sceppers……might of even sang with George Michael….to be honest….most big names in the music business end up singing with other celebs…either in their own year or later on……

    Apparently…Tom Jones met Elvis……never claimed to have sung with him though…..bit like the apparent fight between Van Damme and Steven Seagull… never happened…..i wonder why?…well i know why but that’s only my own opinion….LMAO RATF PML

    Have a great day Sceppers……


    Personally Angel (and don’t go off on one when  i say this)…some times in life…you have to start living with the living and not attempting to fill a void with who’s died…..

    I remember when Princess Diana died…..the whole nation was in mourning…..yes very sad but here’s a question…..where did all the hundreds of thousands of flowers go later on?



    I never knew princess Diana. I would#’t wish her death on anyone, but was not affected by it.

    I knew Belle a little more, so am more affected by her. Even if I had never met her, I wouldn’t disrespect a thread showing sympathy for her mourning.

    I never knew Aretha Franklin but a song like the following – her first magic song, I Never Loved a Man the Way I Loved You, issued in 1967 – shows the way her voice and her phrasing and timing, leave an imprint. It’s with lyrics.

    Barack Obama  once said of her that she embodied “the way that hardship and sorrow were transformed into something full of beauty and vitality and hope”.

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    Personally Mr Q “don’t make assumptions” i am very much in the living stage of my life its just nice to remember loved ones on special days and remember the memories certain songs and smells and events bring back to you

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    Nice like by er watzername angel?….LMAO…..for once you speak sense angel…thank you……i’m impressed…capable of human conversation after all…i knew today some thing good would happen…..

    I’m sure you have worked out that what ever i said that hurt you wasn’t malicious but i’m sorry if it did hurt you all the same….

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