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    can i leave you my phone number long name in a private message…would you contact me if you are selling it first.?

    My family are looking to buy a property in greece….or tunisia…would you consider taking an arranged fee….1st january…paid upfront for the year ahead…where me and my family stay there…giving you the chance to make money and still own the property.?





    You must be very pleased you are making real progress now Rogue and the feral cats are the healthiest looking I have ever seen, you must be feeding them something tasty. :)

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    long names charm,  charisma and wit has them kitten…oops i mean smitten😋🥕


    do you own 100% of the property….or does the tunisian government own 51% including the land your property is built on long name….?

    how does all that side of owning a property in tunisia work out..?



    Oh rogue so very very lovely. All good things takes time. Really interesting. Made my day. Only thing I was nervous with was the side of steps with no railing. Christ a fall may get you. Cats lovely. Thank u for sharing. X


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    yes linda is right….what happens if you have had a skin full😋🥕🍷 then you start walking up the stairs….oh i will just steady myself on this railing……..ooops none there….head over heels….weee dooooosh💥🤪


    Yes, there are a few finishing off jobs left to do. Unfortunately the stupid covid lark has pinned me here in the UK for the past year. Thing is, if we are going to keep the property, I would have something very different on the edge of the stairs as opposed to if we were going to sell it. When I left last time I left my ‘wood man’ retrieving any lumps of driftwood he and his sons could find for lumpy throne chairs for upstairs and the ‘iron man’ working on designs and quotes for stair rails. It’s looking like it might be August when I get over again. No fun building stuff up in that heat!

    Some pics I’ve given to the wood and iron man to inspire em here.

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    does that chair put a few quid on the renting price :unsure: you will get there in the end :yahoo: then it would have all been worth it😋🥕👍


    was that chair found like that long name………or did you carve that yourself :unsure:


    i just hope we all get to see the perfectly finished property x

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 20 total)

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