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    I know a Right Tit was filmed

    But this about MY Right Tit! Move on if you think this will be boring I seriously don’t care. I was asked to do a blog and I will, it’s not depressing, it’s thought provoking and it’s the absolute truth !

    One day in the staff room at 10.30 a women Sue (her real name) said Oh I’ve got to go for a mammogram and I hate it! I said oh I had one years ago but it’s ok it doesn’t hurt but then I rarely check my breasts! I‘d had one before years ago but was just a fibrous thing.
    A few nights later sweating in my jim jams I remembered her words and threw off my pj’s and felt myself. Hmmmm I felt something.
    Booked an appointment with my local female doc.

    Doc said right I can do you a two week appointment or you can go the usual route cause I’m feeling something.

    I thought well you know what you’ve been shit with my poor aged mother so I’m taking the two week route.

    Got an appointment for a Monday in October. I remember thinking god look at my pots with dying flowers I need to clean those out because I’m not going to be able to do those after next Monday.

    Doc walks in and says hey hello Mrs Rose I’m doctor what’s his name! I wanted to fucking die he was a parent of an ADHA kid I was teaching! “ I replied “Yes I am and I love your youngest as he says you come to work in wellies but you don’t colour in orange” !

    I was mortified this parent was going to scan my breasts.

    He scanned them and pressed hard on my right tit! HE pressed hard it had never hurt before!
    I remember looking the other way and noticing the white cupboards which qA just like my council house cupboards lol
    I looked at his face as the pain hit me and thought he doesn’t know how to tell me.

    He said “ Mrs. What’s your name I think you have cancer but there is something that looks just the same but isn’t but that’s one in a million to one chance it’s not.

    But I can do an Xray directed Biopsy if it doesn’t show up.
    I went away with this info not having the slightest idea what a fcking Xray directed biopsy was and had no idea about what he was talking about!

    They booked me an appointment to see a surgeon a week or so ahead.

    I couldn’t tell a soul my brother was celebrating his 50th Birthday two weeks later and his wife was one of those who put so much effort into arranging a party there was no way I was going to tell anyone about this and take her thunder away.
    To be continued ……

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    Why pretend it was someone called Sue.?

    Nothing to feel ashamed for, best just to be truthful in my opinion.

    The hands of time caress you better, never decieve yourself of the truth.

    The regrets will certainly decay you, just be you.


    Why do a blog cause you were asked to is my question?……


    Why do a blog cause you were asked to is my question?……

    Menopause has been a good on off topic in Jc amongst some of us for a while mr Q…..yesterday was a prime example of such a day…..with the funny side and not so funny sides it’s very informative and those of us who are interested  find it so…

    I was telling LD last year a chatter was encouraging me to write a blog, I never got round to it mainly because I didn’t feel confident enough about my writing skills …so when LD was making us laugh I thought she would be great at it and I suggested it…..luckily for those interested ( a few have already said they’ve read it) she decided to let us into a little private part of her experience

    however there’s does not need to be a reason does there?

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    i cant say anything on here about it kenty i never went through it lol  :wacko:   :unsure:   :cry:   :whistle:   :whistle:   :-(

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    i cant say anything on here about it kenty i never went through it lol :wacko: :unsure: :cry: :whistle: :whistle: :-(

    Im going to thump weeeeeemo and blame the menopause  B-)

    seriously though there are a fair few women who luckily breezed through it….wonder why


    no there doesn’t but you did make a point of saying cause u were asked to


    A couple of days later the doc rang to say the biopsy was negative but he knew it was cancer and he could fit me in the next day for an X Ray directed biopsy.
    I had to be clamped into the mammogram machine with an extra squeezy tool and he came at me with what can only be described as a staple gun apparently it would shoot a needle right into the tumour to get a more accurate result. Cachung, Cachung, Cachung! My knees went weak, I felt sick and faint!

    I went back a week later for the definite results. A cancer nurse was with the surgeon and as soon as I saw her I knew what the news would be. After the consultation she took me to another room and explained all that would happen.

    I still couldn’t tell a soul due to the forth coming party and when I have something serious to deal with I always go into myself and can’t talk about it to anyone. I used to wake up in the mornings feeling absolutely fine but then it was like a hammer had hit me in the chest once I’d remembered I shouldn’t feel fine because I had Cancer! The only person I could tell was my boss cause I thought she might wonder where I was nipping off to lol

    Three weeks later as I was being prepared for the surgery a lovely young nurse took me to a ward and was telling me she was actually leaving that day due to the stress and long hours. She nipped off at one point and while she was gone I decided that I had to tell her a little secret I was keeping.

    In a slightly whimpering voice I said “Can I tell you something”? “Of course you can” she replied.
    “Well the thing is I’ve got a batholin cyst, I’ve had it for over a month and my GP gave me antibiotics hoping it would clear up but it’s agony when I walk and grown bigger and bigger and I wondered if the surgeon could whip it off whilst I’m under the anesthetic you know like two for the price of one”! I’d put it to the back of mind at the time as one lump was enough to deal with but realised at the last minute that it wasn’t going to go away and I’d have probably have to be put under again at another time.

    She had a little giggle and said she would go and see what she could do. Within 10 minutes the Indian surgeon who was doing my op came bounding in saying “Oh my darling why didn’t you bloody tell us my bloody wife is a gynecologist and the bloody gynecology ward is the furthest department away from here”! God I felt such a bother but he was so funny and sent a couple of student doctors to prod my fanny and they said they would be able to remove the cyst at the same time and would I mind if they kept it for research. I didn’t want it back did I? so agreed.

    They put the operation back an hour but that was ok as I was very grateful to be getting rid of both lumps.

    The op went well I’d only got a small cut in my breast and this horrible drain thing dangling out of it with a bag attached to it to collect fluid. Had to walk around with that for a few days and hid the fluid bag in a Tammy Girl purple carrier bag someone had given me with some maltezers and a magazine in. There was little pain but as they had to cut through a nerve in my arm that was a bit stiff. They had packed my fanny with some kind of dressing which was a bit bulky but don’t think there were any stitches. I didn’t look so I’ve no idea and frankly I didn’t want to know.

    After a few days a nurse came round with this ‘Special Kit’ saying oh that’s a treat for you later.
    Confused I asked her what it was and she explained it was an MRSA testing kit which comprised of two or three huge long Qtips that had to be applied to different orifices. Flipping charming I thought!

    Then it dawned on me that this old lady three beds away had contracted MRSA and had to be moved out of the ward to an isolation one. I was horrified because I was wondering if she had used the same bath that I’d sat in with my fanny wound! It had a bad effect on me and for two years after that I was OCD about my own bath constantly cleaning it even when it was spotless !

    They said I could go home after a week as long there was someone there to look after me. I lied and said there was. All I wanted was my own bed and to be alone away from all that clinking and clanging and people shouting through the night.

    The first morning home I felt so happy to be free and went out to the back garden and racked up all the fallen leaves of course I was sore and black and blue but I didn’t care. It was a beautiful autumn morning and I felt so grateful and lucky to have had such good care.

    Unfortunately later it all kinda went tits up (pun intended).
    To be continued ………

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    i cant say anything on here about it kenty i never went through it lol :wacko: :unsure: :cry: :whistle: :whistle: :-(

    Some people are so dark and empty inside, they think they have went through it for many years. When in all reality they have not, they are filled with regret is all.


    Diazepam along with Estrogen  tablets, and a good dollop of vagisan cream is all that’s needed here along with some VidaroX,  Menopause my arse.

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