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    An invitation to one is tantamount to saying please come round to my house and help yourself to a few crisps I’ve dotted about the room in various dishes and bring me a lovely present for my baby.  I can’t drink but please feel free to bring your own wine.

    Obviously you are going to know the mother that’s about to pop a sprog and are undoubtedly very pleased for them but is all this necessary as you would have bought them a present anyway. Does that type of environment put you under pressure to buy a more expensive present that you normally would have? Are prospective mother’s playing on that?

    The last Baby Shower I was invited to was going to be a booked venue with a buffet.  The mother would be very pleased if  I could make it and would I please ping her over £30 a.s.a.p for the buffet.

    I’ve never been to one nor shall I ever go to one.

    Covid is going to put a stop to all that isn’t it?




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    This American import annoys me too….I have been to a few…one was my granddaughters…well my Daughter In Laws..

    I had already been given instructions on what I was going to buy (the nursery furniture) very nice it was too even though I had no say in which one lol….then obviously I was wondering what to take to the actual shower….I did tell the kids I wont be taking anything as I have already given them their pressie…..I kind of stuck to my guns, but I did take her a lovely arrangement of flowers

    I also think its very awkward during pressie opening time….I think that should be done at home and not at the party…for obvious reasons

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    Baby showers


    Limosines and School Proms



    Chlorinated Chicken




    Omg I have had this happen to me as well..Not only for Wedding gifts and showers prior to wedding, but what about mom on her third baby! Another shower everytime birth of new child?

    And places which have their registry, that another killer. Can never find anything people want for less than 60.00.. now I want to give nice gift, not seconds or have to be returned, holy cow I hate to tell people what I want especially at those prices. I feel guilty for asking.

    Yes covid will put a damper on those things sadly..

    Tbh the past 6 years or so I have been crafty with gifts. Not many do crafts these days and when I know someone having Make a quilt..or bibs. Useful things with my hands. Now I have to say people absolutely love those home made stuff too. I do throw in a few dollars and tell them buy what need.

    Wedding plate that another story. So I offer to do displays for table settings or gifts for those invited guest. Now that saved me too and them. Hee


    Think I basically was trying to say as well agree the present stuff uncomfortable who outshines who that I do unpredictable things not expected and I get many compliments and praise and wish I could do that comments. No competition there.


    So….obviously we cant stop at baby showers can we? Oh no….we have to copy more and more American ideas and ………HAVE A GENDER REVEAL PARTY!….

    So I have an invitation to one on Sunday…..don’t feel like going….but most of the family will be there, so I wont be missed

    Why not just tell everyone at the shower what gender the baby is and they can by appropriately …..

    I know I have been there done that with popping out little humans…..and I am not trying to be a killjoy……but….c’mone!



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    for my tuppence worth. Its both selfish of parents and not something I would contribute too. already been stated why but like Tupperware parties not exactly best idea. Halloween for example another  yank idea taken off here by business pushing for profit and people being normal sheep . sigh :scratch:

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    Where is the intimate moment of it all? Not all parents want to know the gender, but I cant understand why you would want to know the same time as everyone at a party….why didn’t they invite them all to the birth instead? see how loyal their mates are when there is no food and booze and music…..just blood, screaming and stitching!

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    I think you are all missing the point.

    Having a new baby in the home is a pain in the azz.  If you’re a “new mum” its even worse. These days “maternity leave” goes on for ever or seems too.

    You’re lock away for months before the “event” and then trapped until you can send pack the kid off to day care.

    So… to all you moans….think back 50 years to your first child & remember !!!

    My own view is its good for expecting mothers to connect with friends and family even for a few hours in a social environment.  Just to remind them of the outside world.

    The gift should based on your own experience as a mother with a new born. Something you wish you had at the time…and there should be a story behind it.

    And above all stop being cheap.  Even if you spend £50 on buffet and present, its only 5-6 hours on min wage !!!

    Oh God I’m sounding reasonable  :cry:




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