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    Apparently there is a Blackpool meet this weekend Jan 13 to Jan 15. So rumour has it, its at Norbreck hotel in Blackpool. Ive heard quite a few are going, as I understand it about 50 people are going so far. Suncentre is good for swimming, so bring cossies, as sea will be too cold. :-)

    PS. No topless dancing at this one !

    of course claire there are about 43 confirmed, its going to be great
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    Jan 9th, 2:01:40 am – who?

    any names or times ot plans to do anything is that place like bates motel or h.h.h hotel


    any trolls going?


    Remind to avoid Blackpool area on that weekend whilst the swarms of revellers attempt to make it to a JC meeting.

    I`d be curious to meet one person on here, the rest of you can troll each other on the North Pier in the cold with windproof laptops.


    Good luck everyone especially in the Bates Motel with some of the Internet gangsters they might steal your wifi with all the fake bling.

    I think the trolls will be trolling the meeting after they have left and got some distance between real life and the slightly more assertive trolls who have decided on a whine & bitch party in Room3.


    I might sound sour it would be great to know how it works out!!!! Good luck with the group!!!


    :heart: :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:






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    Norbreck Castle Hotel is the place supposly


    The building looks like a prison so I imagine most feel at home I used to hang around with some gluesniffers in a dereclict factory was the person who organised this a gluesniffer?

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    who handed out the invites?


    Blackpool in the middle of a cold winter is about as attractive as  Blackpool heaving with people on a hot summer day in 1958.


    Wait. the ghost train is fun –

    but wait again, Pleasure beach is more or less closed at this time of year, isn’t it?


    I’m on it like a car bonnet.

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