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    All im saying Scep is that i find it hard to belive that the 3 girls were groomed and talked into taking the same flight as each other and even going to the airport together.I might be wrong but think they were friends from the same school so that to me points to that they went off there own backs.


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    I don’t agree with you one iota, somer, but you make serious points seriously.

    It does seem that they weren’t groomed by any individual pedo, and it seems certain that they went off their own backs, like the daft 15 year-olds they were, stealing and the jewellery of their devout Muslim parents to get the money.

    But it does seem a fair bet that they were groomed by an ISIS website, accessed with theri onw wills (just as many teenage girls are foolishly groomed of their own will by actual pedos. part of this grooming seems to have been to teach total submission to their God, and this involved submission to a man chosen by the Caliphate. All voluntary, but remember their age.

    One of them is now dead, one missing, the other desperate to ge back to the safety of the UK after the intense bombing and collapse of a Caliphate she stupidly believed to be the will of God.

    As the ‘camp’ Batman of my youth would have said – “poor, misguided girls!”



    which sounds more likely

    3 girls head to Syria without being groomed but somehow have been able to locate isis with no prior knowledge of the country or where to go


    they were groomed by members of isis told were to go once there or picked up from airport and took to a base

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    Her point was mainly raised at Gerry, who had for once been making good arguments about grooming. He needed to respond, but instead presents himself as not answering because Sophia wasn’t Islamophobic – ha, everybody knows that Sophia is deeply opposed to discrimination. It’s a way out of a serious argument.

    I didn’t need to respond to Sophia, you old farter nor do I need to respond to every single post like you do, Norwich’s version of Santa Claus, Ho Ho Ho. You really do need to get your facts right you sleazy old tosspot before you make false allegations against people and you do make false allegations quite often upsetting innocent women, don’t you…. Horrible abusive man. Foul creature.


    You are so ignorant and so lack insight you just do not understand those who count, know all your silly little manipulative boards games.


    You lost in the end, you old farter, I won. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.






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    you old farter … Foul creature.

    You are so ignorant and so lack insight …

    You lost in the end, you old farter, I won.

    I don[‘t know how to say until you understand,

    but I really, really can’t be bothered to understand what you’re talking about.

    There are people here who have been trying to make serious points because they enjoy and care about genuine, serious argument and discussion, and still have respect for each other at the end.

    Just recently, I saw one of the serious people here embarrassed by you with personal news of a past relationship he had, disrupting a serious conversation. He was really upset as you so skilfully turned the screw, enjoying each moment of his mental pain as he made it clear that you were falsifying something and somebody very private to him – not my business, not your nasty little business, nobody’s business but his, but all displayed for people who read the boards.. You won,  he lost, in your mind. Funny how I ended up with more respect for him than the man who was trying to torture him. Betrayed confidences, pretense, gleefully taking notes on people, ridicule at people’s weaknesses – everything which drove so many decent people away from jc in  the past. Yeah, if you want, well done – you won out over all the boring turds and old farters swimming around in the shittery – all your terms constantly repeated. Well done  – you can have a celebratory drink tonight – yahoo!

    I am genuinely uninterested in the scabrous talk that you and your small, shifting coterie of pals and peepeyes with News of the Screws minds get up to, whether it be made-up, half-true, even true. I really don’t want to respond to things which don’t interest me at all,  and are none of my business. Nobody can stop you coming here with your attempts to embarrass and your sly little tales – but you can be ignored. Your little tales – truths, half-truths, falsehoods – can be treated as they should be treated – there to be believed by anyone wanting to believe them.

    For me,  I will try to discuss seriously with people who are able and willing to discuss seriously.




    Listen Geoff, Mr Perm, no one gives a f*ck about your JC paranoia and you constant false allegations and your obsessive need to be the centre of attention. You’re a sleazy old tosspot who sends abusive private messages to innocent women making false accusations against them, fact!


    You would defend the islamophobic thug who also threatened to set a woman on fire, because you’ve run out of people to ‘defend’ and drag into your JC shittery, quite frankly because they think you’re a twat and because you yourself are also an islamophopbic thug, but just sly how you word it. You let the thugs do the talking for you, while you slyly mock Islam during one of their most important religious ceremonies then have the audacity to complain your stickman is being mocked.

    You accuse people, innocent people, of being far right, xenophobes, racist, etc etc and all you have left now on these boards is the defence of an actual real life islamophobe, oh how the mighty have fallen. How low you stoop so low to cling onto your perceived JC status, you sleazy old tosspot. You sleazy old bully of women.







    Well, the actual argument on this thread was quite interesting, though it seems to have come to an end.

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