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    Somer n linda if you two are the next jc wedding.

    I want a vip invite for me and my spouse,  including the presidential suite at the blue dolphin hostel.

    Oh n throw some free toiletries in too.!



    Well Chamber of secrets you be waiting a life time for a v.i.p. wedding ticket.

    Somer has a partner he has been with for many years whom I understand he is close with and both very supportive of each other. Think told 20 years.

    As many know here my  :heart: is some where else and will always be as long as I live. So you will have to get your freebies some where else.

    Somer thinks we need security. Are you qualified? You can send your resume for my perusal.    :bye:


    The chamber of secrets Cv requested by Linda.

    Childhood……..School Of Hard Knocks.

    Royal Marines……..placement in Uganda which led to being nelson Mandela’s personal bodyguard.

    Deported from Uganda for shooting 400 civilians after my birthday party.

    Then i was hired as lady Diana’s personal bodyguard too.

    Then asked to be trumps bodyguard, but decided to join the yakuza as their Consigliere.

    Then served 14 years in Alcatraz where I strangled over 80 inmates.

    Upon release became a hitman for the Cosa Nostra.

    Semi retired……..If the wages are negotiated in an adult fashion and only have to answer to Linda……..Would consider the head doorman position.

    Many thanks……….The chamber of secrets.!

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)

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