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    So during lockdown I decided to try out things I’ve always been useless at! (I mean not  different sexual positions or anything like that) just plain old baking things ! I’ve never got to grips with baking with yeast but am a tad proud of my bread making skills that I’ve acquired over this horrible time.

    So for Diamond who wants to have a go and for Doa (Who needs to chill out and find a cheap occupation) here are some of my rises and falls! (pardon the pun)

    Sour dough bread

    Spelt Bread

    Tiger/Giraffe bread

    Ciabatta bread


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    Tiger/ Giraffe bread

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    What’s with the rolling eyes Chamber? Did I rain on your parade? Your totally inane and boring posts that continue  to flood these boards thinking you are telling us something new, when in fact we’ve heard it all before are simply laughable. People are not interested, that’s probably why very few reply to you.

    In the real world people have others things to discuss and talk about other than trying to point score and whip  up  gossip on a Chatroom board, I know that is alien to you but you must remember many others are suffering from mental health issues, not just you and therefore a bit of light heartedness is something to behold not berated!

    So why not bore off and Stay Safe!




    The cooked ciabatta looks delicious.

    Pop the recipe on your thread if you don’t mind.

    Thanks :good:


    If God wanted me to bake my own bread, he wouldn’t have put 16 french patisserie within 4 miles of my home !!!!!

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    Too funny..I most likely would not either. However..I do like to bake and open to new ideas to try.


    Linda try this recipe for baking :good:

    1 sea bass

    Wrap a sea bass in tin foil with 4 slices of lemon on top of the sea bass.

    15 mins 220c

    Melt some butter in saucepan add some previously boiled green beans. Shake rattle n roll.

    Boil some kind Edward’s, small ones of course.

    Plate up.

    A Michelin star dish :good:

    Bake on bakers :bye:


    What a refreshing change to see something beneficial and of interest being posted on these boards finally 😃  Thank you LD x

    The results of your bread look really good (hope my attempt is as good).  As you mentioned, I think I will start with the Focaccia…. hoping to go on to do the Tiger bread (my favourite).

    Might post my results just to annoy others 😋😆

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