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    I like him ! Sorry ! Don’t know why …. I just do 🤔 :unsure: 🥴

    It’s impossible to dislike a rareeshowman, a music hall turn who can never be taken really seriously because he can turn around and do the opposite with panache and a knowing grin.

    There was a similar US politician in the 1930s called Huey long. Famous for going into the gents in a nightclub and being so impatient he peed between the legs of the man on the urinal. There is a pic, I believe, of him emerging from the nightclub with a black eye.

    Long was elected a Governor of his state on the promise to reduce taxes. The first thing he did was to raise taxes. When his adviser asked what they would say to the people, he responded,”Simple. Tell ’em I lied”.

    But, like long, Johnson was and will be hated because of the effects on ordinary people of what he does. The knowing grin will make him all the more hated.

    One thing is for sure. If he means what he says, and he’ll be destroyed if he doesn’t, then this will all come to a spectacular head in a couple of months time. Determination or blind optimism? I doubt very much that t will end on halloween

    Erm… well yes, thanks for the story but no, I don’t like him for any of those reasons. :wacko:

    I thought he made a decent mayor too, compared to lots of others !!



    so why do you like him???



    The fate of the immigrants is genuinely tragic, but what you write about it is just plain rubbish.

    You are the bonkers old bat who posted a picture of a drowned child and laid it at Trumps door and actually after reading this post I finally understand just how barking mad you are.

    I remember that. It was before Trump was president.

    But being accurate has never been your format, has it?

    JC is so entwined in your life you can’t separate reality from fiction.

    Another self-description.

    Your inaccuracies are pointed out. You start shouting insults and more Trump, and now like Boris, it doesn’t matter, though, does it? What is truth? as someone once said when trying an innocent bum they brought in from the streets.

    you make it up as you go along, trying to hide the weaknesses behind a tiresome circle of abusive insults, while claiming to be insulted.

    Goes down well with the converts who really don’t care wtf happens to anyone else as long as they get their way over Brexit, just as the insults against ms K go down well in the cheap seats at jc.

    shows you up to anyone  reading your posts who has the slightest ability to think critically..






    I have just counted how many people have liked my posts over the past year and how many have liked his.


    I easily come on top by 53 likes and for 211 less posts.



    Case closed I am afraid.









    :whistle: :whistle:   :whistle:

    You’ve  been reading too many posts by Q and Scorpion.

    You’ve caught their sense of humour.



    OOOh sceppers would like to get his Johnson in GE…..LMAO RATF PML


    The old popularity contest…GE sums it up…PML LMAO RATF……sits down and counts his popularity……PML LMAO RATF…………..funny thing is about likes on JC……theyre probably only likes when others are liking you slagg off some one else…………..


    Not sure that’s what the like button was intended for but hey…..keep up the good work GE…..PML LMAO RATF



    Lol. I was clearly taking the piss, out of people who waffle on about JC popularity,  you silly little boy but like the silly little boy that you  it just wooshed right past you.


    In fact, I don’t think you even inhabit the same planet that the rest of us do.









    I have just counted how many people have liked my posts over the past year and how many have liked his.

    I easily come on top by 53 likes and for 211 less posts.

    Case closed I am afraid.


    His greatest achievement in his life  :yahoo:

    seems to be very proud of the fact doesn’t he just  pml x

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