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    Oh God I don’t even know where to stat with this :scratch:

    You’d think it would be that hard to buy a new kayak paddle  :whistle:

    This is the one that came with my £250 sports direct kayak. 230cm long and made from aluminium. They cost about £25 new.  Its snapped 3 times over the summer and been the cause of one rescue by the inshore life boat :cry:

    I’ve even reinforced it by putting a broom handle in the middle and tons of insulation tape wrapped around it.

    Its time to give up on it………so I’m looking for a new one :cry:

    And this is my problem…I cant decide on what to buy :unsure:

    Most online opination is werners are the best….but they cost more than the kayak.



    I talk to a few people in shops and they tell me a £75 Originz Mokau glass shaft will do..only 220 cm long and unbreakable to a point.





    And I’m not too happy about putting more plastic in the sea.  Then I started looking at wooden paddles.  There one I’ll have to import from America if I decide to buy it for £250


    And then I’ll think ok… I’ll buy than one.

    Then I’ll start thinking of the calm flat seas that last for days over the summer months.  All the above paddles are design for rivers or ruff seas and move far more water than I need.

    So I start looking at greenland paddles……


    Hmmm… yes  :wacko:

    I’m still not sure what to buy. The paddle need to last 20 years, just not snap and take the abuse.  Something that’s given me a few laffs and almost killed me a few times over the summer shouldn’t be this hard to replace.  :bye:






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    • This topic was modified 1 week, 1 day ago by  Mr Fishy.

    Bore off Fred


    No one forced you to read it or even look B-)

    Now stop stalking me and get on with that life you keep making up  :bye:


    Do they sell arm bands too little fishy


    That’s whole new can of worms  :-(

    Life jackets v. buoyancy aids


    Right now I use a Baltic Canoe 50N Buoyancy Aid 40-130kg.  Its a good vest and fits any shape or size of person. In ruff seas it really needs a spray hood but you cant fit one on a buoyancy aid.



    The problem is life jackets once inflated mean you cant get back in the kayak.



    So I’ve got a spray hood and the parts to retro fit one to my buoyancy aid and will be dropping it off at my local tailors for fitting.   I just wish they sold a buoyancy aid with one.  :cry:





    Ok I’ve given up on this and ordering two paddles.

    One for ruff seas…another for charm.

    Now what two to buy  :unsure:



    Hey fishy…have you ever been up shit creek ?



    not lately as his Dr stopped his free Viagra hahaha


    Hmmm…. that’s an interesting question   :scratch:

    I decided the time was right to give up my lazer and upgrade to a bigger boat.




    I loved sailing the lazer but as you get older you want those tiny little things like a toilet, cooker and place to nap.  After down sizing my home I throught why not?

    6 months before the pandemic started I order a new  Corsairs 880 at the Southampton boat show.



    I dream of sailing around the coast of Ireland or towing down to Marseille by road and sailing the med.  Delivery was late due to the pandemic missing the first summer. With lockdowns this year wasn’t much better.  A year on from buying it…the boats only seen the sea about 5-6 times.  No where close to summer months on the water it was intend for.

    I love the boat, love sailing it and if things change next year my dreams of sailing may come true.

    But the grief over spending 150k on this  :cry:









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