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    Has anyone ever noticed that puds says he is a lawyer and the times he should be at work he is here usa time?? Has anyone noticed the usa time he is here when he is supposed to be a jazz musician ( 4am untill 7am ) usa time playing his gigs and that one day he’s a drummer the next day he’s a singer the day after he’s a musician??? Anyways after checking the times one was just thinking why he fabricates the truth??? So when he says he smokes weed at certain times and you check them as usa times he should be at work does this mean he smokes weed before meeting clients??? He also seems very against certain religions and mocks certain other countries is this professional for a lawyer to do????? I NEED ANSWERS I’M WORRIED ABOUT HIS STATE OF MIND  :heart:   B-)


    Lol. U bored with Linda, now attack puds. So funny..

    We all got ur number…

    Sleep, eat, drink. Lol.

    All your life is anyways..

    Guess u bored…..

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    He also has to tie women up so they cant get away from him and beats them with things, they ‘love it’ apparently.

    I’m sure we will see him on ‘Killed by a dodgy lawyer’ right after pensioners who kill and wives with knives on CBS Reality.



    here’s what linda just said

    Sairs i think bill and ben are actually milky and linda and I’M NOT JOKING i really think bill n ben aka milky n linda are actually bill n ben. Watch them puds is the weed man and the tortoise is 246

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    flobalobalob linda alob flobba lobba lob lob alobba lob!!!!!  Sairs73 if linda ( ben ) replies we know she understood us and should educate ourselves ( yes ALL OF jc ) with more bill and ben videos so we can try to understand what the heck they are typing. Must be drunk lonely bill n ben as i can actually make more sense of bill n ben lmao :scratch:   :scratch:

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    flobbalobba lob linda people flobba lobbaba eat to survive lobbaba lobba flobagetajob alobba flobba lob and drink to hydrate themselves lobba flobba lobba labba flobba flob slobalobba and real humans need sleep lobba flobba lobba lob slobbab blobba flobalob

    :wacko: :wacko:   :wacko:   :wacko:   :wacko:   :wacko:   :wacko:   :wacko:   :wacko:   :wacko:   :wacko:

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    LMFAO, priceless




    I must admit I clicked on the Bill and Ben link and proper laughed. Pot spoons, homemade pie, aliens, ooo yes, sausages it is then. (Mizzy does it better than me)

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    LOL GE

    Lol. U bored with Linda, now attack puds. So funny..

    She’s now even talking about herself as a separate entity  lol



    (Linda go bye bye tubby custard)




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