should i be democratically elected dictator of f2

i'm running to be elected dictator of f2 democratically

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    when i win it

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    I was only joking just….


    Is there any thing to actually win paigey?


    when i win it

    now that’s what I call the smack of firm government.


    yes I know u was joking MIST I was just injecting some pointless  supposed fact in this thread.

    I mean I think all we are waiting for is the finish of this survay, but it seems to never finish, lol how many years wud this be here ffs, It dont seem that political or something, normaly there is a end time with survays, maybe she is waiting for one more yes then she will close the survay lol, if that happens then the survay is corrupted obv, well I mean nothing different to them mps, so maybe just let it happen as it happens again and again offline anyway so fuk it one other corrupted system wont do no harm…


    SOP I feel u want to be better at something in life, this obs with how u look and blv u are better than others sounds to me like – superity complex also megalomania.


    theres a difference between knowing i’m better than most and believing i’m the first

    and of course i have megalomaniac tendencies everyone does i just embrace my god given right to inflict my will on you all


    [email protected]…i”ll laugh with you and i’ll laugh at you and i’ll leave it up to you to decide which is which…

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    there is also a difference with narssisitic personalty disorder/god complex and superity complex.….

    yer just embrace satun I mean god… to show u the way.


    I dont think all giv a fuk about being the best, I think many are ok doing a job like a robot, I guess they are ok untill the robots take most non artist etc type jobs, or just when things become to exp etc.

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 54 total)

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