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    have this forum as my own as no one seems to post in it


    you surely can, ms millennial


    Starting this forum, what is your focus for discussion? Forgive me in advance as some times reading responses or replies, I reply too quick and may not direct some right. This depends of course on time read or when multiple discussions are buzzing all over the place.

    If that is your photo, then may I first comment you seem very attractive and young. (No worry, my own daughter is a young adult as well, and pretty too, not because she is mine, but have to help her throw off dirt bags chasing her) we look much alike, but she is identical to me when younger, appearing together we look like twins at times. She hates when people ask her if “Linda is her mother?” My daughter tells me not in a mean way, but some times people know who she is and ask before she identifies herself. Sorry for that as I am very involved where we both live.

    So help me here on something. When daughter 18 got driving permit. 5 years expired, she got it again. Teaching her to drive at times does well, but scares me as she has absolute no confidence in herself. I truthfully am happy she does not do it independent yet. On the other hand she does not use public transportation, hates it. She depends on me can be difficult with schedules I keep. Has 2 great jobs. Teacher assistant. Suggesting driver school way expensive. Do not want her to waste her money when I can help…Any suggestions?


    thats my mam and me and i can’t help as i can’t drive


    Well I used to get nervous before my driving test even thought I could drive I didn’t like getting in the car with a strange man.  I had Hypnosis and passed.  Maybe a self confidence hypno tape may help?


    Well i just chat any where so………..nice to meet you paigey… …confidence…well it’s a difficult one to have any answers to completely as what makes one confident or unconfident is different from person to person. Only thing i know for sure that confidence has to be built and that comes with a few things….familiarity with the thing involved……..and repetition of the thing involved until success of mastering the thing involved makes the person more confident, not only with the thing involved but to under take other things…………….how ever, the thing has to be started in the first place and that’s the hardest part of the whole process.  To be honest though, you may have to be firm on her and tell her to use public transport if she needs to get around. Lot safer for her even if she hates using public transport.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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