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    In the Real World of JC, Annetteknittingthecurtain had managed to mount Alkiarse, unable to find the off switch he was still sailing around in the rafters.

    Annetteknittingthecurtain was shouting instructions. “LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, NO RIGHT A BIT, ” as she swung a rope around her head she was trying to lasso the donkey and save Miss Rose. Alkiarse was trying to find the off switch but it was a bit further up his bottom now thanks to Annetteknittingthecurtain, kicking it, when she first climbed on.

    TeaCosy had overdosed on his “Save the world” drugs and was down on all fours trying to sweet talk the donkey into handing over the bunny. Scarlett was tying the laces together on TeaCosy’s football boots that he had stolen from ThinNoDiceNoIce. He had written all over them with a black marker pen “Blickpoolisderbest” and was feeling smug in the fact that ThinNoDiceNoIce, would never recognise them and it would be the first thing that Thin, wouldn’t try and nick back off him in years.

    Helen of France and Penny were on the director’s couch and hoping that Penny’s Charlie would pick the next Mary and there for, absolving them from any punishment. Charlie had his paw attached to a piece of string and a stick, Penny would waggle the stick making Charlie point at the next victim, sorry Virgin.

    Yvonne stepped forward as Charlie wobbled his paw at her. “I wanna be Mary cos I isn’t wearing a silly dress like them Angels” “Next” Helen shouted as Charlie dismissed her with his paw.

    Jadey was next in line for the job of Mary but just as she was about to make her claim, Annetteknittingthecurtain, had the lasso round her neck and was dragging her off to the safety of NonWelshFem who was waiting with enough sedatives to knock out a horse.

    Zadok’s muse knew a lot about plays, having been a play writes muse from the age of **** (not allowed to say). Thinking this was her time to shine. Penny explained that she would have to ride the donkey. They all looked towards the donkey who was half way through eating TeaCosy, Muse shrugged her shoulders “No big deal, ridden worse in my time.” When it got to the part of having to Marry ThinNoDiceNoIce, Muse had pulled out her cell phone and booked herself on a flight to Lagos.

    Tinks was up next, she was perfect for the job. Having given up smoking she no longer coughed and peed in her pants, would make ThinNoDiceNoIce a very happy man. Just as she stood in front of the directors, Woodie dressed as a turkey stepped out from underneath her dress, the Real World of JC had wondered what she had been hiding up there. “I’ll do it” Woodie gobbled. Penny and Helen of France looked at Charlie who nodded his head, “Charlie says YES” shouted Penny and everyone clapped.

    ThinNoDiceNoIce was patting the turkey on the back “Thanks mush, saved me from a fate worse than death.”

    MinnieClaireMouse and Mariapizzeria couldn’t resist causing more havoc. Standing at a safe distance MinnieClaireMouse shouted. “Oiiiiii Donkey.” The donkey stopped chomping on TeaCosy and looked across at MinnieClaireMouse and Mariapizzeria who although listening, she was busy hacking the top off a bottle of wine. “Why did you buy ones with corks Claire, you know I hate mucking around when I want a drink?” Claire nudged her. “Shut up and just watch this. “

    Claire looked at the donkey. “Oiiiiii donkey.” The donkey brayed. “You got dumped for a turkey.” Maria laughed but soon stopped as the donkey, with flashing red eyes started to run towards them. “Oh Bloody run quick, it’s gonna eat us.”

    Claire was gone, leaving Mariapizzeria holding a wine bottle and staring into the evil flashing eyes of the donkey. Quick as a flash she punched it on the nose and whacked the wine bottle over its head before taking refuse under Tink’s dress.

    Mariapizzeria joined Maxie under Tink’s dress who wearing her black afro wig singing the three degrees “when will I see you again”
    Scarlett joined in “When will we share precious moments.”
    Yvonne was banging her drum and Zadok’s muse sang “Will I have to suffer and cry the whole night through.”
    NonWelshFem came in with the chorus “Are we in love or just friends.” Jadey chipped in “When will I see you again” and fell back into a coma.
    Maxie twirled and clapped her hands.
    Angelturnedtodust flashed her fish tank lights on and off.
    Mariapizzeria sat on HGV1’s lap and shared her wine whilst they watched the cabaret act all going on under Tink’s dress.

    ThinNoDiceNoIce was trying to sweet talk Helen of France and Penny. “Come on ladies you know I luvs you and do anything for yous, especially you Penny,” he winked at her, Charlie spat at him.

    “But me and mushdy here, can get to Bethlehem without that bleeding donkey.”…………. :D :twisted:


    i shall ask once again
    why is this work not published?
    we could have a jc xmas annual
    and a summer special
    when we meet up in benidorm
    cam and coat are better writers than me,but i will put me tuppence in
    it be near the back.


    been laughing for over 5 mins min here and got severe rib ache :lol:

    Camel_Blue you are seriously wasted here lol :lol:


    twirls and claps hands love it


    :D you guys rock xxxxxx


    weyyyyyyyy heyyyyyy i made it, absolutely bloody brill cant wait for the next chapter :)

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