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    Seems that spammer (s) determined to shake and rattle when some decent chats start. How lonely must be and sad they are for need to seek this type of attention..

    So I hope u all well with this shut in period..have enough toilet paper (giggles) and foods.  Your family and loved ones o.k.  Going to be alright just going to take some time..

    Don’t give up hope on J.C.  we survive this virus..hell we can survive J.C.




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    Spammer needs a friend lol

    :rose: :rose:

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    Sassey lol

    Spammer has the mind of a child n the socialising skills a worm


    Yes maybe so but could you imagine not having a single friend, and not wanting one! What a sad lonely life to live… even a worm can catch a fish!  ;-)


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    Sassey where there is love there is life x

    We should direct this lonely worm to repent their sins.

    Then and only then can they find true happiness from within x

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    Sassey I feel the warmth of your loving heart, it shines like my guiding star. You’re a sensational woman with the kindest thoughts, to be your friend is a gift from god.

    Such a loving soul x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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