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    havent been able to log into chatroom for a week. Any reason why?


    someone stole your laptop :unsure:


    if you were logged in as a guest godfather you wont be able to, its registered users only from now on

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    I joined the site today and was able to see and participate in chat room one earlier but now I can’t ‘see’ any of the rooms.


    hope you enjoyed participating and chatting in room 1 avonguy😁👍

    Oh and have you resolved your problem.?

    Welcome to justchat buddy👍


    Thank you Budha. Seems to be ok now.

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    Lots of chatters randomly have issues logging in…think its temporary so keep trying if it happens again….nice to see so many new people register

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    the owner will be able to buy Mr_Fishy’s £650.000 yacht at this rate.

    Keep Registering guys😁👍


    Budha my little knobgoblin  :rose:

    Really 650k of my fan’s only money on a boat  :wacko:




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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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