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    Carry on JC’ing  :good:


    Maybe its glamping? :unsure:

    if we arnt going how on earth can it be glam :heart: :heart:

    True  :whistle:

    last time I went camping I was in the Brownies ………I know!!! I was the only brownie in the Brownies and I hated my mum for making me go lol….



    I went camping once, when I was nearly 16…NEVER AGAIN.

    I was cold, miserable, couldn’t sleep. There were no lights (!) so i couldn’t read. I shared the tent with another lad, and am not that way inclined, so I couldn’t explode someone’s eyes (for the real jc aficionados, this is a reference to another recent thread)

    Lovely countryside, warm during the day, but when you haven’t slept, you can’t enjoy that…

    makes you as fit as typing in the jc rooms, though.


    Carryon on camping,kewel.Mario better be packing!Fresh air,nature,nice,yayyyyyy,be fantastic.No he wont be up for that lol. :whistle:


    Only time I’ve been camping was years ago 5 of us went to the Munich Beer Festival with a luxurious 2 man tent. The first night we all got hammered in one of the many beer tents. I made my way back to the camp site where there were thousands of tents similar to ours, after  searching I spotted it and went towards it but being pi55ed up I tripped over a guy rope and fell onto the tent in front of ours, there was lots of guy rope pinging as I landed on the tent and the person in it, he grunted then screamed all sorts so I quickly crawled into our tent.

    Next morning I crawled out of my tent to see a mangled mess in front of me and a lad in his early twenties sat on a tree stump with his head in his hands, he looked at me and said “me fackin tents dead innit”(southern softy lol), I smiled and went for me brekkie lol  :yahoo:


    I recall camping in the 70’s with the Venture Scouts, a thick canvas tent with no zip on the entrance, wooden pegs, no built in groundsheet and the vital equipment was a hexi stove and an enamel tin cup and an old blackened frying pan that had seen better days. Going to the loo meant a trip to the bushes! These days you can buy a two man “festival tent” that pops up all ready when you open it! Shower blocks and food that isn’t a crumbly burger or a Walls banger and beans!








    Y’know, believe it or not I have never been camping, Caravan yes, camping no, i’ll volunteer to be cook. as long as I can bring my bbq lol


    Had milk straight from a cows tit whilst camping on a dairy farm.. best milk i ever tasted


    JC camping …. what could possibly go wrong? :scratch:


    some years ago i promised my kids i’d take them camping

    i sort of hoped they would forget

    but as summer arrived they reminded me

    i was dreading it

    a gal i was seeing at the time said  she fancied getting away but i said i was expected to take my kids bloody camping

    so  we booked a nice country cottage in devon with a big garden

    so  we pitched a tent for the kids in the garden

    and we slept inside

    best camping i ever had

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 33 total)

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