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    call me a dik again coneheed and I’ll slap you

    no wonder you are banned you big cry baby oh and do not ever phone me again 🍹🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Surely you’ve learnt how to block numbers Snakey after all these years?

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    Hi Linda, hope you are keeping well. Just to give you some info about AER LINGUS. i recently flew home from New York via JFK. AER LINGUS is a irish airline. They fly out from Terminal 5 gate 30 from JFK. Its a small plane with three seats to the left and three to the right. I found the seats pretty comfortable and as its a small aircraft it took us a little over 5 hours from jfk to manchester unlike the 7 hours on the jumbos!. I would recommend row 7 it’s directly behind the first class cabin which has 6 rows. Row 7 has lots of leg room, my only complaint being the tv was a little far away for my eyes to see :) You get soft drinks free but have to pay for alcohol! one small can of beer and one tiny bottle of JD £10 thats almost $14!! I bought my own from the dutyfree for the journey back home :) I spent 10 days in New York and was surprised at how pleasant the weather was it was hitting 15!!! obviously i came prepared for the worse as the week before they have almost 2 ft of snow. I was sorry to hear about your relationship ( i’m not going to give a lecture on love rats excect to say their are three stages of healing ”  the Discovery, the Acceptance, and  the Next Chapter ”  If you do ever come back to the uk and fancy a tour around the city of Liverpool give me a shout! As far as British airways goes i can’t recommend them as they are nothing but hassle and have no manners or care when dealing with its customers. The smaller airlines offer more of a personal touch thats my opinion anyway.  Take care Linda :heart:

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    Gosh wish u told me here. Would have travelled to u. Hope u had good time. I dont go to city any more really. Alot closed and the dam masks etc…

    Ty for info. Will use that.

    Also just got a email from airline going to use that uk wants vaccine card, np..

    And now a covid test again before entry

    AS FAR as him, jesus last few months lying, excuses and so forth nah..he dead to smooth…men.. lol. Ty anyways..




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    Hi Linda,

    you don’t need to have a covid test to enter the UK nor do you have to wear masks. We had to have covid tests for USA and show our vaccine proof , fill out a locator, inform where we were staying while in New York and wear masks! we kept forgetting and was reminded  each time we entered a shop etc which was a good thing and shows New york at least are following guidelines :) Now i am back home i’m forgetting we don’t need masks except if its  personal choice.  All you need is proof of vaccine and fill out a locator form online.

    If you are fully vaccinated

    Before you travel to England you must complete a passenger locator form. You need to do this in the 48 hours before you arrive in England.

    You do not need to take any COVID-19 travel tests before you travel to England or after you arrive.

    You do not need to quarantine when you arrive in England.


    Omg ty..not sure why airlines sent me email yesterday. Ty ty..was a royal pain.


    I booked with lingus sophia. Ty..told them about wanted seat said cant do yet. Lol. Was cheaper than going thru heathrow by 200 dollars.. x


    P.s. straight flight too!


    i once booked  with their sister company

    cunni  lingus

    and was strongly advised to take out insurance as they tend to go down a lot,











    anybody seen my coat.









    i also noticed not one host or guide replied to my rip minney thread,just goes to show dunnit?

    That’s probably because no present Guide or Host ever knew her or have heard of her but every loss is a sad one.

    i think she was zt theres a z inniit somewhere,now mads is kicking off at me cos minneys mam red it

    im telling you i just cant win i may as well just curl up and die(ive nicked that from a hairdressers near me called curl up and dye) i mean what sort of name is that  to call a shop? so me as a spokesman/leader  for all the f.o,c in blackpool decided to stage a protest outside the shop banners and everything the grey rinse brigade

    cheering me on,but all i suceeded in doing was having water sprayed over my head and then the police were called asking me  what exactly  is my problem? i said im just sticking up for the f,o,c society,police said to me well yer wanted do one,so now ive got the f,oc,gang youre a useless leader,and we want you to fck off

    i said it a few times on here,i just cant win can i?

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