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    I hope this thread won’t attract trolls, but society always panders to a stereotype of people having lots of sex in order to facilitate a good time. I am in my 30s, have a good job (gardening) and am proud to still be a virgin without lowering my head in shame. I just wondered if there were any like minded people online and whether you fancied a chat ? I often go in the rooms as guest 339 so feel free to engage in sensible chat and don’t project your vile insults to me. I’m a nice guy just looking to meet people ideally a wife that shares similar interests and can have an intelligent conversation so if you like what you see give me a holler in  F2. Gentlemen are also welcome as I don’t discriminate like many online. One thought to leave you with, if virginity is good enough for Mary Magdalene , why is it so bad? Christmas is coming up so try being more festive and learning from the mother of God how to live your life instead of revolting sexual stuff. The world has enough willies and holes getting jiggy so why not try more love , talk and singing xmas hymns and lead a decent moral life. I have my faults but try to be a decent person- you do the same x

    Take care,

    Paul  ( Guest 339/mags ) x  :rose:     :good:


    i have respect for you, but maybe you should lose virginity,ppl enjoy in sex more when they’re younger….no hard feelings, was just my advice for you



    OMG. He couldn’t give his virginity away with Green Shield Stamps pmsl


    It’s so refreshing to finally meet a fellow virgin….Xmas is a lovely time of year to be a Virgin…but also very dangerous…lots of temptations….so be careful not to drink to much egg nog and let your morals loosen….

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    Looks like blueyedboy has set his sights on your butt for Xmas Magman. Looks like you pulled or going to get pulled pml.


    I am born again virgin and keeping legs closed for Christmas, only gobble gobbling will be from the turkey before Bernard gets his chopper out.

    That’s if Bernards still alive.

    Sorry didn’t mean the sexual undertones of gobbling and choppers, its been a while.

    I’m sure you can kind of relate.



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    if blues a virgin then i’m a mackam


    Please don’t mock me Paige…I don’t mock you for losing your virginty at 14 to some spotty teenager behind the school bike shed….I respect myself way to much for that to happen….but I won’t judge you…u obviously had your reasons and your parents are not totally blameless either….


    If you continue to lie about being a Virgin blue father Christmas will deliver you a lump of coal

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    OMG. He couldn’t give his virginity away with Green Shield Stamps pmsl

    You sound jealous and no wonder you ugly old man. BTW my mum said sticks and stones will break my bones but  WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME so leave me alone you fat mess! My bf has just seen your pic and said he wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 16 total)

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