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    Google has slowly been withdrawing support for Java – the software our chat forums require in order to work.

    As a result, those who use the Google Chrome browser have been having difficulties accessing the chat forums. There were workarounds that involved changing some advanced settings, but from September 1, 2015 Google Chrome stopped allowing Java to run regardless of the settings a user selects.

    Since users of Google Chrome make up around a third of our visitors, we had to take action.

    As a result, we are trialling a new type of chat software in chat forums one and two.

    The new software will work on any browser (including tables and mobile phones) and no plugins or downloads are required.

    For the time being, quizzes will be held in chat forum three.

    Forum three will adopt the new software in the near future.




    Ever considered taking your blindfold off & tidying up the shit coding?

    I tried JC on my table but it was unable to get an IP address from my wardrobe. Touch wood, at least I was firewalled by concrete.



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    unable to access room . I use Firefox a very common platform. :( shame I have been a visitor for many years too. looks like now Locked out. wish anybody else managing to find way in best of luck. :scratch:

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    To whom it may concern,  mostly Martin Reed.  this is Lupe Schwab, known here as Lupe. Have trouble shoot for a week. and all I get is  PAGE NOT FOUND. I get everything but the chats. I was told that it is JC chat. in contact you.  What is the problem? chats 1 , 2, and 3 are down. I get everything else, but not the chats.  Need your help.U can e-mail me  Martin. please.  [email protected].

    :cry: :mail:


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    Hello belle. I to get the same message as you and H do I wonder if site playing up or is martin working on the site?


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    Kiwi  helloo, I assume that Martin and his crew are working on it. however, why in the world did they not tell us. this is lack of responsibility. no wonder they are losing customers. I trouble shoot it and both AOL andMicosoft said the same thing. it is Just chat in London having this problem. so we will hold on ,but not forever.  LS




    Hello Belle.Yes i agree with you martin  could have least let just chatters known what is going on a least be good public relations  to do excatley that if he wants to keep chatters happy and contented.Hope all is well with you belle. Chat soon tc.


    If you click on the links for ALL the chat rooms..there are none to be found. If you click on the staff link you get taken to an old thread.. HERE


    So it APPEARS as if there is no staff and no chat rooms. The hosts..if there are any..will know whats going on..thats if Martin told them of course.. the place closing after all these years? No idea… nothing is updated any more..Martin doesn’t contribute.. it’s now been 23 years of JC and the old 10 years thread is still there.

    This place used to be rocking..but then things changed and not for the better and it was all downhill from there… I’m sure he’ll let you know…eventually.. :unsure:


    Hello Jane As far as i known  martin has paid up to have this site for another 2 years unless ive read it wrong but thats what i thought he has done.Or unless martin  is busy working on the site.

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