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    It was weeks before Christmas and all through the house it quiet and nice..the mice asleep not giving me a fright as I thought who should I write..on this very night.

    So I took out my list and studied with much care, and said coffee in hand let us prepare..

    So for those who wish to be not naughty and nice..Please wish all a merry a pleasant, hey you all right!


    So here wishing all j.c.ers a merry merry …with health, good luck and cheers, hope it all for you a good New Year!

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    Hiya Linda x   I was thinking about christmas myself. Never too early er haha . Have a cool yule xxx  My cat Milo in his xmas jumper looking like bar humbug!!  Before anyone goes on about pets wearing stupid clothes, he’s had a little operation that came with a big bill!! he has to wear a body suit to stop him pulling his stitches out.

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    What an awesome looking cat! A pure breed? Loved you can tell. Well taken care of. Thank you for sharing.

    I know never be too early expression but personally I enjoy taking my time 6 months before xmas to browse and keep some people love that rush before xmas. Me, I leave the rush to others as I bake while they panic. Lol…as like all, festive times we enjoy..but sure exhausting..expensive for Santa Klaus all over the world…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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