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    I hate Christmas schmaltz, Christian or non-Christian.

    It’s gooey and genuinely sickly.

    But you do get the occasional story which is very moving.

    I was reading earlier this month of a 7 year old boy who had written a Christmas card to his dad in Heaven.

    I’m sure that there are some in JC with a mentality akin to the Death’s Head battalion of the SS who would snort with contempt at that, but I find it moving.

    The Post Office sent a letter back to the boy, saying that after a long journey and  after overcoming many obstacles, the letter had been delivered safely.

    The mother said she couldn’t describe how happy her son was.

    Anyone else with genuinely touching tales?



    As some will know my children lost there dad last year but my grandson also lost his grandad, he hadn’t seen him for a while and his death was quick after a very short period 4 weeks from finding out he was ill until he passed, and it was felt at the time he shouldn’t go to the funeral his mothers decision not ours  so when he visited us last we did a balloon release and Tyler wrote a little goodbye message stuck it in the balloon and let it go well he got a reply back from some kind stranger who found the balloon and took the time to reply to him he was over joyed when i spoke to him last week he told me all about how he had a letter saying his grandad knew how much he loved him and missed him and was watching over him etc  he is only 6 bless him its nice to know there are some kind hearted people out there still he was smiling his head off telling me a bout his letter who ever replied to him made his day that’s for sure


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    That was brill Ab. People can be so nice at times :good:


    No swearing please somer…this is a very pleasant thread……….LMAO RATF PMl on yer bike son…give my regards to orson m8…LMAO RATF PML

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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