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    Paige what happens when you get in the car, where you go i didnt think that far ahead tbh.

    And Freds busy today so todays choice is oj simpson or mr morgellons.


    Paige this is actually a investigation based on facts.

    I dont have time to make up enid blyton like stories.

    Can i respectfully ask you to cast your vote.


    how can i vote

    imagine the embarressment my family would feel knowing id got into a ford or a nissan or worst of all a smart car and then having that news splashed across front page newspapers they’d never live it down

    and then after having the embarressment of knowing id got into such a car but to then find my body in somewhere like bradford or middlesborough they’d disown me

    so i need these details


    he has an audi and will take you to a hotel in Harrogate.


    Cutting through the crap…and there’s loads of it….Claire always makes me smile…..always get confused whether she is Welsh or Scottish…..LMAO…….but that’s my bad…

    Then again…i never could remember whether Bonnie Tyler was Welsh or Scottish…til the day i bought a car off of her…..well its ok but every now and then it falls apart



    Audi do that then Sceppers?…..LMAO


    I will point out in my own insignificant way that paige is always funny….some times you got to stop going on about the person and just turn the paige…..seems to me,gossip is the most ripest apple on the JC tree…..Pomegranate any one?….LMAO

    Or as they call them in certain countries…Pome-graduates……LMAo RATF PML


    Morgs/Oj simpson is taking you crabbing in whitley bay paige.

    Mr q is back posting boring as ever talking riddles.


    Guessing chatters regional areas id stay away from mrq.

    Cause when they call you out for you juvenile patter, you start saying you are soon visting that area.

    Typical barry george like behaviour.

    Btw mrq i think claires red dragon picture maybe a indication to her nationality.


    neither as i don’t trust men with facial hair or men who wear cardigans

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 21 total)

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