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    There once was a man named Mr. Q. he always so blue. He used banter and posts as he thought he was a great host, but sadly he really was nothing but raw toast.

    So laugh away, complain and find blame, who really gives a hay, as you are a fool any way.

    So ride on your bike to the east coast, and be gone to what you like most.

    I am tired of Q….he really a tool.. go play with your girlfriend who makes your day as she knows most.



    Just another abusive post from Linda

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    THIN U SO CUTE.. You happen to see mine?

    Puke bucket, Linda?

    So you don’t think what was directed about me a form of abuse and mockery to my name, family and President of U.S.A.

    Wow..pull out a dictionary..or learn about abuse.. Your dry sense of better than Q’S and his gal pal.

    Your one to talk with your comments..oh, or I should say limpybob…….



    To be honest….linda has a point to some extent…she retaliates to my er , lets call it observations….problem is I feel with linda is this and like so many others on the boards…is linda saying what she feels or just attempting to win votes or blindly defend some other person or persons because she feels it’s the thing to do?…

    Blind emotional attachment in my opinion….truth goes out the window to defend people who aren’t really being attacked any way. Favoritism always wins votes quite simply because the majority favorite each other….LMAO RATF PMl….

    Perhaps there’s great power in numbers…..many are great at studying statistics…..personally…i was always better at looking at the human factor….


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    Well yes Q. You finally get what I have been trying to tell many here for a very very long time.  “I RETALIATE. ” I am so very tired being called a “Mexican,”, even though I am not. (No disrespect to those whom are) and constantly repeating it.. “A fake yank” I am American raised in the U.S.A. how is that fake? “A man” come on..”A granny,” (I am not..), fat, ugly, donkey, no teeth..sleep around, so forth. This all on a simple “Hello” and while chatting to several people by multiple numbers or fast changing ones.

    Not only has it become very boring..but really stupid. I have tried so long to take in this dry banter here..some times very difficult as it is not banter..but mere attacks to have me cruel, hurtful and yep as thin calls me doing, as not doing, an abuser.  I am verbally/written off this way, as yes I feel a victim, and yes I am one the one being abused. A person can take so much..

    So I thank you for finally recognizing that is what I do.

    Have a nice day, week!

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    And p.s. “Quality is my motto, not quantity”


    Well perhaps you ought to think more before hand and then you wouldn’t retaliate quite so much…

    [email protected]….hands linda a sombrero….must watch that film again…The Good The bad and the Ugly….

    I believe in not quality or quantity but quality of quantity…or was it quantity of quality?….same thing I think….LMAO RATF PML….

    Must stop talking…might be too much for somer and Sophia and gang….LMAO RATF PML…..

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    Team work exonerated.





    Just another abusive post from Linda




    Dangermousey how much you borrow to come on site here? Or compensation in other ways dare not go there on that one. Old name laid dormant, shared account?

    You have done your damage..You have repeated things so often and listen to no one. Nor should you, but some a flag should be thrown up and you should be exhausted.  You have upset others as often do, and expect others to jump on your bandwagon playing miss innocent.

    Should we all draw blood and contribute to your fund so you feel better? Get a can not repeat same things. YOU merely not listen.

    Hate breeds hate. Vengenance breeds vengenance, and you gather into your spider web..


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