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    The highly regarded Al Jazeera has made a series of documentaries investigating the clandestine lengths the State of Israel has undertaken to infiltrate and influence British politics.






    It is being reported (not in the MSM) that Rachel Riley and the actress Tracy Ann Oberman have settled a case they opened against labour supporting immigration barrister Jane Heybroek for retweeting a tweet that serial litigator Riley objected to. Jane has received nominal damages and all her fees paid.


    What I found interesting is that these legal teams are working on a ‘no win no fee’ basis to try and sue innocent people, with ‘after the event insurance’. This meant that there was almost no risk of bringing a claim and this allows people to abuse the court system in this manner.


    Expect more of it and innocent people being forced to settle due to the finance involved.


    The system is truly corrupt isn’t.




    Ge i dont wish to undermine, you anymore, you have suffered enough in the last week.

    In a polite way can you confirm who you voted for in the last election and why?

    Im standing by, to repost something.

    Thats a simple question ge, tory or labour, no need to be nasty.


    Ge i know your in a dark place, but at least come clean, and admit you voted tory.

    Its not like the whole forum doesnt know.





    Again, to date, John Ware has not yet brought proceedings against Jeremy Corbyn and despite his threat to do so. Now you may well wonder why this is important. It is important because there is stacks of evidence that the Blairite infestation within labour and outside influence deliberately gerrymandered the election in 2017 in favour of the tories and when labour ran their campaign on a Leave EU platform before Sir “forensic” Keir persuaded the party to change their stance.

    This vital evidence will be revealed in any such court case and the MSM has barely covered this shocking example of corruption within the British political system.



    Don’t react to creepy online stalkers. Don’t fuel their psychosis. These hard-right vermin have no meaning in life and stalking innocent victims online is about as good as it gets for these low life scum.


    Stay safe out there comrades!!!


    Ge is a tory fact.

    Look how he cant answer a quite straight forward question.

    Merlin id look on a few pages going back on the time of the election to see who ge voted.

    This man is a total sham, last word on that,

    You can see he wont answer me,



    Just remember guys, the left gave you everything you take for granted now.




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    The Jeremy Corbyn fighting fund is now a colossal £319,000. Not a peep from Corbyn and no doubt should he issue a call to arms this colossal figure would rocket into the many 100s of thousands if not millions.


    It restores your faith in humanity when so many good people, people without very much themselves, donate to a cause that is for the greater good.


    Let’s keep this vitally important post TOP of the list of posts for people who may be unaware of the various threats against Corbyn. The best Prime Minister we NEVER had and of course in the REAL world!

    I see I.B.M. (Incredible Bullshitting Man)  is talking utter bollox again.

    The reason Corbin didn’t get in was the people of this island didn’t trust the commie twat. SIMPLES  :bye:

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 41 total)

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