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    Yes confused myself. One minute says she never goes out, next I read a date out? Do I need new specs I wonder to read. Sorry. Lost in New York. Giggles


    Many doctors Drac?

    That have told me not to get a vaccine? I think 5.

    That are not vaccinated? Two.

    How many doctors are at your disposable? Cos its a bit difficult to even see ones own doctor at the mo…even when you are ill…..its not the first time you have mentioned doctors in multiple terms…..

    I dont really see how this is relevent to covid, but I am in somewhat regular contact with maybe about 20 doctors? They are human, try talking to them and maybe you will make friends with them.

    GPs are intentionally dificult to contact, its part of how the NHS is designed to work. I nearly always bypass them and speak directly to whoever I need to.

    ….and no offence…you may have a condition but you are not super duper ill that it stops you functioning….you were out on the razz the other night and couldnt even remember how you go home…..

    Those two statements are contractictory, which one is true?

    I hope the people you were in contact with know you are not vaccinated

    Why would they know that? Normal people don’t ask each other for a list of vaccinations they have recieved.

    I’ve lost count of how many times i’ve asked this question to people now, but if they are vaccinated, why does it matter if someone else is not. Do you believe that the vaccine doesn’t protect you? (It doesnt much) If it doesn’t protect you, why does it matter if the other person is vaccinated or not. :wacko:

    which btw contradicts all you have been saying about never leaving the house etc

    I didn’t leave the house at all of a year and a half, I rarely leave the house now. There is no contradiction there. I also dont see how it is relevent to anything.


    Hmm….. sounds to me like you dont have much of a life or want one  :negative:

    Bet your a joy to live with  :yahoo:

    In my experience doctors offer there “best guess” ….most of the time they guess right but some times they get it badly wrong.

    I have more faith in a vaccine program used by millions than advice offered by over prescribing quacks trying to reach there patient thru put numbers and increasing there lists.

    Did you know one doctor per week been struck off for  misconduct and incompetence?






    Yes, a lot of doctors are incompetant.


    20 doctors… that made me laugh… for being friends…..I know they are human….I have family and friends who are doctors…however regards to befriending them within confines of medical exchanges……again you are so lucky you have the time and energy with your illness to invest yourself with these doctors that  you are friendly with them…..

    I guess I am fortunate enough not to have to see so many doctors (at the moment at least)

    btw….are these private doctors you are talking about? You know…when you mentioned you pay £2k per month for medical insurance?



    You know…when you mentioned you pay £2k per month for medical insurance?

    I didnt say this. :unsure:


    Oh Drac…you did….then when questioned you went on to say  you pay 2k NIC ….your usual twisty way of saying things

    anyway im still recovering from your 20 doctor comment… you have a whatsapp group with all of them….that’s quite common within a friends group


    The other day i was at work and i was feeling a tad sorry for myself .Covid fatigued loss of my little pub job again .Then i met  man that had extensive surgery to his neck and face which made him look  grotesque unable to talk properly swallow food and only speak with impairment .He lost his wife to covid  6 months ago .The only bonus he told me he had not much pain.So when im feeling sorry for myself i think of this gentleman and how he took my hand and thanked me for sitting with him and talking to him and giving him courage .I thought he was the courageous one and me talking shyte trying to give him a little lift.For the grace of god go we and if we are well fit and able be thankful .Give urself a big kiss on the mirror and be thankful for all the blessings we have :)


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