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    Mingers in masks is real I tell yea !!!!


    so are robbers🐟 x x


    Well Biden and Harris need to go to borders and check out crisis as well as setting free covid infected people across u.s.a.

    Talk about idiots of the highest frame work…

    And now Harris in charge. Lol.. Much more will be set free from cages in which obama and biden built.

    Oh well no matter to her she had double dose.

    So what be her punishment. Impeachment I hope with Biden. Unity my ass!


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    Children are being caged in border detention facilities and for far longer than the lawful 10 days and the situation is worsening dramatically. According to the Democratic regime who introduced the policy, it is all Trump’s fault.

    We can see where this is heading and it is similar to the festering wound, New Nu labour the British equivalent. Trump will of course get the blame for all of Biden’s cockups, false pledges and any other mistake and brainwashed lemmings will buy into solely because the liberal MSM states it is fact. 😕

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    You see his lst press conference? Biden.


    Omg . Took 2 weeks to prepare for that!

Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 15 total)

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